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    So I had another good day and I thought that given how awful things have been I should consider what has made the last two days better.

    My motivation levels have lifted a bit and that has allowed me to at least feel able to leave the house and do things. My children have behaved really well, perhaps a reflection on my mood. I have managed to achieve some little things that had been bugging me around the house. There where some moments throughout the day where I stopped and felt that huge weight inside grip me and I could feel myself being pulled, I allowed it to happen before taking time out and sitting in the garden for fresh air. I still have fleeting thoughts and panic but some days are better than others and ultimately people in the forum are right, the bad feelings don't last forever but the trick is getting past them. I think talking and chatting on here has helped and also holding on to any motivation that comes my way.

    I'm back to work soon after some time off. I know that will be a challenge but I need to keep my life normal in the hope that things will move on and get easier. My one note of advice would be to grab that good day or positive moment and hold on to it for all its worth.
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    Hey there :) I'm glad things are looking up for you and your mood has improved. Depression is a dark and scary place. I'm just coming out of a few weeks myself and it's amazing how the thoughts and moods Change from wanting to die to feeling better about life. Anyway, welcome to the site and glad that you've joined, there's a lot of good and caring people here. Take care
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    Hi there, glad things are looking better for you. I hope things keep improving and that work isn't too stressful for you! (hugs)
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    First of all, so pleased you are feeling somewhat better than of late, thats great news.

    We are constantly being told its all about small goals and little [baby] steps. Each one, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, is a step closer to the main goal of making a recovery. Even just getting out of bed, washed and dressed is a goal for some people who find even that a major obstacle in their lives. Reaching that goal is a major achievement for them, which of course is brilliant.

    Yes, work will be a challenge for sure, but if it goes well enough, then its one more step along the road back to the old you and you having your life back.

    Best of luck and continued success. Please do keep us informed of progress as it really is uplifting to read some good news now and then.

    Have a great weekend, take care and stay safe.
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    Thanks Guys, you have been amazing. The dark scary corner in my life is always there. And I need to thank you SinisterKid for opening a door for me and helping me accept that maybe this is the D word. I still can't say it because I don't want to be it, but I know it deep down. Life goes on regardless to how we feel and in some ways that's a comfort. I'm lucky in many ways. I may not be here as much when I am well but I will check in and offer support. When I was a CPN I always encouraged patients to see less of me when they where well, to the horror of some, but it's about holding the lifeline always and pulling on it when you need it. Much love to you all, stay safe, keep talking and I will be around xxxx
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    I didn't open anything. I showed you the door, you were the one brave enough to consider what might be behind it but opened it anyway. Kudos for that.

    The one good thing is, SF and some of us will always be around and when things do go wrong, you can come and find us again. If you can still come around and offer help and support to others, thats brilliant. Hopefully, you keep moving forwards with your life and things continue to improve and you are able to be happy. Thats all that really matters.
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