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Living Area?

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So, my apartment is an absolute mess, a disaster, trashed, whatever you wanna call it. I just cant seem to find any motivation to keep it even remotely clean.

So here's my question(s)...

Do you keep your living area (room/house/apartment) clean?
How does the state of your living area effect your depression? (if it does at all)
Is it easy for you to find motivation to clean?


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Its hard for me to find the motivation to clean but somehow I find it. I keep my room very tidy and in order.


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so my sitting room looks very clean and the dining room is clean but untidy cause of kids toys the kitchen is clean and tidy my kids rooms well the 5 year old has a pristine clean room ! my 12 year old not so much its a tip and its his domain. my room surface tidy but bit unkempt so all in all it is clean and LOOKS tidy but get this .......every cupboard, drawer and hidden shelf (and there are many) is an absolute tip! i can not find it in me to clean them out .....junk mail recycling toys books broken items pegs batteries baskets u name it its in there lurking in the dark waiting to get out .......and no i dont have any motivation to do it LOL anyone with any tips let us all know :D
Great post btw thanks :)

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I have OCD which doesn't manifest itself in cleaning as much as everything having its place, so my house is incredibly tidy and neat. It's generally clean too, as dirt = mess to me.

If I'm nearing crisis, everything gets messy, which of course doesn't help. Apart from that, I can barely cope with mess in other people's houses, and it has an immediate and profound effect on my mental state.

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It's generally tidy and clean. I'll get into these moods where I'll be a flurry of activity, cleaning entire apartment, laundry, cleaning car, organizing and filing and doing errands all in a single day. Then weeks will go by where I do nothing. Things would be easier if I could just do a little bit every weekend, but I can't.

other questions:

"How does the state of your living area effect your depression? (if it does at all)"

Depression, I'm not sure. If the place is getting dirty I will feel more irritable, kind of angry at the place for being dirty and at myself for letting it get that way.

"Is it easy for you to find motivation to clean?"

That is mood dependent, see above.
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Do you keep your living area (room/house/apartment) clean?
tiny flat and very crowded which makes my mind feel cluttered and the depression worse..

How does the state of your living area effect your depression? (if it does at all)
I can't function properly when my house is cluttered..

Is it easy for you to find motivation to clean?
I am finding it increasingly hard to get the motivation to tidy and clean..I've got OCD and always used to clean, and clean and clean..now I can't be bothered


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Nope!!! I live in isolation in my bedroom.. I can see the dust but it usually takes about a month of it before I get motivated enough to clean it.. When I lived on my own my apartments were spotless.. Now that I am ill I just can't find any motivation to do anything..
I find it really hard to keep my room clean. I don't really have the motivation to clean it.. and if i did I wouldn't knwo where everything is :-p

But as for it affecting my depression...hm.. Maybe i'm not sure. I don't think i would be happier with a clean space. Something to think about tho :)
i bet your house isn't as messy as mine. seriously. it's a disaster in here.

i live in a small apartment, but i can't seem to stay on top of it. dishes everywhere, art supplies, books, unfiled papers piling up on all surfaces.

the one thing i'm on top of is cleaning the kitty litter. poor kitty, i can't make him suffer.

i wish i was tidier but not gonna happen anytime soon

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