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Living Death

I am 25 and I have had several loved ones die, and it grieves me, but the most painful loved ones lost for me aren't those that die, but those who reject me and I know they live on, most likely without sorrow for me.

Several of my closest friends and loved ones from High School and college went and completely rejected me and broke off contact, and I never seem to really know why. Sometimes I have gotten a message "I think we need to move on with our lives". But I don't know how you move on from deeply loving someone and act like its no big deal. I find myself in anguish over it, and they make it seem like they are perfectly fine ignoring years of friendship, and blowing it all off.

I don't know exactly if I am trying to make a point, or ask a question, but grieving a "living death" makes me wonder if growing old is worth it. Seems like all age does is give more reasons to grieve.

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Hey i understand the sadness you speak off when ever someone leaves it hurts so greatly inside it is like grieving a lost What i try to do now is remember the joy we had If you can try to join new groups okay meeting new people can bring you more joy If you old friends have moved on started a new life so can you . Look at it as an adventure see how many new people you can meet Art classes activities you enjoy all will bring new friendships but realize everything is constantlly changing nothing stays same okay Enjoy whatever the friendship brings and when it is done fine new ones Never give all of you to a relationship okay that way you will always have a small part that is yours hugs to you

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