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Living in my mother's shadow. Her stupid, skinny shadow.

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by KatawaShoujoWaifus, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. My mother is 5'10", 135lbs, Bottle Blonde, Extremely popular (even in my own social circle!), and she always has to do things "the right way".

    She's vegan, with extreme self-control and a fit body.
    At my age, she was working for senators and going into college.
    I'm 14! I just want to have fun being me without living in her massive shadow.

    I have to look at how thin she is EVERY DAY.
    My friends always comment on how gorgeous she is. They've never even told me that I'm cute.

    She's good at EVERYTHING.
    I'm mediocre at some things, terrible at most.

    I'm a freshman. There's no way I'm jumping to college at this age.
    I don't want to have to work for senators to feel good enough.

    The worst part is that she loves me so much.
    I know it would break her heart to know how much I hate her.

    She's part of the reason I've been so depressed lately.

    But I can't tell her.
    Oh, no.
    I have to bottle up all my feelings and live with this hatred or I'll hurt her "wittle feewings".

    And yes, I'm bitter.
    I can't help it, it's difficult!

    Any advice?
  2. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    I grew up with a mother who looked like she'd just stepped out of Vogue :eek:hmy: , while I was a grubby tomboy (still am :laugh: ).
    Never thought I could live up to her perfection and know what, I'm glad I didn't.
    We are who we are, not carbon copies of our parents.

    Sounds like mum has to keep herself looking good, so maybe she's got insecurities you know nothing about.

    Instead of feeling resentment and bitterness towards her, spend some time thinking about who you want to be and go for it.
    Obviously your parents will have hopes and dreams about your future.
    I know it sounds like they're on your case when they nag, but seriously, they only want the best for you.
    As you said yourself, she loves to you bits.

    Find what you're good at, we're all good at something and more importantly, something you enjoy.
    Don't waste energy on resenting others, find your niche in life and give it all you've got.