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Living on Disability Income

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I just wanted to see all who here deal with the issues of living on government disability money. I cannot understand myself how ANYONE could live on government disability and not be severely depressed. I myself live in the United States and live on Disability and Food Stamps. I don't have any physical disabilities, but I am on it for mental disabilities.

So some of the issues with the Disability income is for one, you cannot save up money. If you save too much, they threaten to take away all your benefits. And two, if you get a job, they will reduce your benefits or even take them away.

Then I ask, if I myself barely am able to pay all the bills and pay for food, how can someone who maybe needed a place that didn't have stairs be able to get one. I mean, I'm living in the cheapest apartment complex in town! How could they afford a place that would accommodate them? And also, what if they were in a wheelchair? What if it broke? How could they afford a new one?

I just wanted to hear what others feel on this topic.
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