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Living with maniacs

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Right so I know I was in hospital long long time ago and now Im alright other than my life being crap and getting sad sometimes,but...
My parents are crazy ,they let my brother and sister drink form morning till night and do and say nothing.
Tonight my sister was plastered but my parents let her get into the car drunk and go and babysit my neice.Yet the only problem my mother had was that I texted my neice something innocent.I was grilled ,shouted at for I dont know how long ,cos I send a text.
Surely I can text who I like ? I was told 'not to go up to my neice and upset her'.But its ok for my sister to drive up there plastered and stay with her?
I feel Im going loopy surrounded by this logic.Im told not to speak in case I 'upset' my brother who is a complete psycho who hits me when he feels like it but its my fault for speaking .
Im told ,not to be long in the shower in case the two drunks need to go to the toilet a hundred times ,pissing all over the floor.
i'm glad you can move out. just hang on to that thought. it will all happen pretty soon. maybe you can take a short term rental just to get the hell out of there. something on a weekly or monthly basis. your living situation sounds horrible and i'm glad you are getting away from them. hang on...
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