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  1. My councilor called my mom. I am under lockdown. I can't go for a walk, stay at a friends house, or even stay after school. I feel like I am in prison. I hate being home. It reminded me that I can't get out. I watch a show called kid killers. I can't even watch it anymore cuz I "have a fascination with death." My friends are non existant and I want to leave. So bad I just wanna leave and run awway. I feel like I am sinking. Just when I have hit rock bottem the floor gives in. I don't know how much longer I can hold on. I'm pleged with nightmares. My room is a prison cell that I can't seem to break out of. This dosnt seem fair. My mom dosnt believe a word I say. Maybe I should live with my dad or grandma.
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    Why are you in this lock down?
  3. My mom doesn't trust me. SHe never did. She doesn't want me out out if her sight
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    Why did your councilor call your mom? Was it a school councilor, or someone from the medical or mental health community? What did the councilor tell your mom that resulted in her implementing a lock down?
  5. School councilor. I have been having black outs and I have been drawing morbid pics in my sleep.
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    Okay, I am a parent and I might come off as sounding as if I am on your parent's "side," but hear me out. Unless I am missing something additional that either you didn't mention, or that I missed, I think what your mom is doing is inappropriate. Now I do understand that she cares about you and she probably feels that she is doing the right thing here, but I do have to question it a little bit. Putting you on lock down, taking away your rights and privileges, etc., makes it sound like you are being punished for robbing a bank or something. You have done no such thing. Should she care and should she take some appropriate action based on what you said the councilor told her? Yes, of course she should. Punishment, however, is not the appropriate action (at least based on the little that I know from what you have revealed here).

    My formal training is in business and in a business model, when something is wrong you do not punish for the incident. What you do is you drill down and look for a root cause. What are the reasons for your black outs? That in of itself seems like it should be the key issue to explore by a parent. Do you know the cause of the blackouts? Has your mom set up an appointment with you to see a doctor? I don't even necessarily mean a mental health doctor... I'd start with a regular general practitioner... your family medical doctor. Do you have a history of this?

    I think my point is that your mom cares about you, so please don't totally discount her for what she's doing... however, if she is only punishing (and for what, I don't know... because it does not sound like you have done anything wrong, at least not so far as intentional), she should focus more on finding out what is really going on so that there can become a true, long term and lasting resolution.
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