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You are all full of it.

Anyone whos REALLY gonna off themselves doesnt post about it, THEY DO IT!

Ya'll want sympathy. Fact is, chicks are the main ones who get that here.

The rest? Tough shit.

Plus we all know no one is gonna do it. Otherwise it would be done.



PS: the concern I recieved here was a damned joke. Two responces. For a guy whos been in the HOSPITAL with an IV in him for an attempt.

People dont give a fat shit if random guy lives or dies. Some joke ass chick threatning to OD on Ibuprofen gets MUCH more responce.


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I am sorry about the less responses you got yourself, there are, and have been more people saying that, and it's sad, but just look at the size of this forum and you can imagine that it is difficult to reply to everyone. In the matter of chicks or guys, to be honest to you most of the times I don't even know if they are the one or the other. Some members have been talking to eachother through chat also and might feel more a bound to eachother and the need to support them.
I understand you are bitter about this, though it's not fair to say those things, about if you were going to do it you wont post, and yea, a lot are looking for sympathy, a lot are very young and not getting the attention and love they need and deserve to grow up as healthy persons.
I don't know if this makes any difference for you but I hope maybe it gives you another way to look at the why of those things, and , if you remember most of us are depressed or been that, it doesn't make it any easy to answer to the expectations , I myself used to get very disappointed if I wasn't missed, or looking at an empty pm inbox....
But I'm here for you if you need to talk or anything, I am one of those that didn't even read anything from you till now :shy:
tae care,

ps- how many people do you think are around at 5.31 in the morning to answer posts?
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Hi, Zen14.. I am glad you found us here... I haven't had a chance yet to catch up on everybody's posts here and as Helena stated this forum is pretty huge now.. We try the best we can to respond.. and I am also sorry if you have been overlooked..

I welcome you here..to SF.. and I sincerely hope you will give us a chance..

Yeah, if that is what you think that if "anyone really gonna off themselves doesn't post it, they do it!" The people here are hurting deeply too and they are reaching out for help because they are in deep horrendous pain and that is why we are here. Because we understand that.. we have all been there many times in our lives.. and people here have been really encouraging and supportive and many including myself, are still here because of SF and the people here.. I would not be here today to tell you this..

You sound very angry and bitter.. I understand.. maybe I am off base and don't understand what you are saying that the chicks get more here.. If you were overlooked, I am sorry.. and I will look at some of your posts.. too..
I have been away for awhile and trying to catch up with everybody here..

Men and women are treated with the same respect however, as Helena stated it is hard to know if man or woman... by their user name or profile.. and yes, some do get more responses than others.. but it doesn't mean that we don't care less about you.. We do.. YOu are here for a reason and didn't stumble upon SF by accident..

well, your statement that the reason people are here is that nobody is gonna do it.. I have attempted seriously many times.. my pdoc can't believe I am still here with NO organ damage, etc.. The people here have helped me through alot.. to make it this far..

We are here for you too.. if you will allow us to be..

Helena, already explained alot to you and we do the best we can.. we are growing very rapidly here and sometimes it takes time for people to respond, especially, because of the time zones and depending when people are on..

Zen14, would you care to elaborate more on your feelings about this? Are you feeling suicidal? can you share more.. and helena has offered and I am offering too. We do really care.. we wouldn't be here if it weren't true and we have been there ourselves.. Life is difficult.. and sometimes.. one puts on a face.. and has to cover like a story I heard.. don't believe the mask I am wearing.. I think that is the name of it... something like that.. because beyond lies a world of deep pain and hurt, "oh don't be fooled by the mask I wear.. yeah, I think that is the name of it.".

Okay, so you have us 2 chicks here willing to listen and be there for you and I know others will be there for you too. I wouldn't say so if it is wasn't true..

I hope you give us a chance.. and allow us to be there for you.. Lean on us through your darkest moments.. at SF.. we have all experienced that and the deep pain and hurt that goes to the core of our being.. we know.. give us a chance and try a little.. to uncover the mask that you wear.. a little at a time.. we wouldn't be here if we didn't really care about you.. okay??

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Hey Zen, I'm a guy and I can assure that I will eventually commit suicide.

I have no need of anyone's sympathy, nor do I want anyone to talk me out of it.

I don't know about you, but I'm not a drama queen.
Hey, Zen. You've my best of wishes.

But, you ought have been someone in their essence before you try to, so assuredly, state what or what not someone plans to do --or has done-- with themselves.

However, regardless of how fraudulent you'll think this is, I do sincerely hope that you emerge from this horrible pain which holds you down at the moment.

Please take care of yourself.
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