'lone again

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  1. LoD

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    Well, those were an expected 2 months of failure.

    Why did I even begin? I was right to kick away women, shouldn't have let one in again. Well, it were the best 2 months out of my life, but that just puts into contrast what a sad kind of life I live.

    Back to constructing my wall. It's too thick to take down, might as well refine it, make it look like a tower or shit.
  2. Bambi

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    Sounds like you got burned pretty bad! Sorry to hear that and there is nothing that I can say really cuz it sucks and it hurts but I am here for you if you want and you can even PM me if that is better for you...I understand about walls all to well and am a good listener so please feel free to use me..I am here,