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Loneliest Holiday Ever


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A lot of people are already affected by the pandemic, mentally and financially. It's been 9 months that a lot of us have not been able to see or hug our families. Now that the holidays are coming, a lot of us would be spending it without our parents and siblings by our side, especially now that we are experiencing a surge in covid cases.

How is everyone doing? How are you going to spend your holidays?
I've been thinking how horrible this christmas will be for so many people, all the millions of peoples who will be having their first christmas without someone they love who died from covid this year, and also like you said those who can't see people cause of lockdown or isolating etc.

My christmases (how do you spell the plural?!) have always been pretty dull and lonely anyway, for a decade its only been me and my mother. It's been a very long time since I had a nice fun christmas with multiple people. This christmas is supposed to be worse anyway as even before the pandemic my mother's work told her she'd have to work this christmas meaning I'd be totally alone (I have nowhere else to go and nobody to visit me). I'm not sure if that's still going ahead but even if it was, with how horrible this year has been, spending christmas alone probably won't faze me.

I'm not in the mood for christmas, if things could improve in my personal life before then then maybe I'd feel a bit brighter for it. It's annoying me seeing all the ads and stuff, kinda feels inappropriate to have these light hearted things when everything's so horrible in the world....idk..... not saying everyone should be gloomy either but idk nothing feels right


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To me, the holidays are just another day. There have been times in the past where I have just stayed at home alone rather than meeting with family.

Though my sister wants me to visit so that she and her sons will have company, so I might go to appease her.


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Gonna spend my holidays alone and not do like last year where I let a homeless addict spend 8 days with me because I felt bad knowing the shelter/soup kitchen he normally slept at every morning was closed. Those were 8 days of hearing a guy ramble to himself nonstop which severely screwed with my stress levels. The worst christmas and new years I've had.


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It was nice that you tried to help, but it sounds like it was a much harder thing that you anticipated.
It was indeed. Trying to come to terms with what I'm capable of and how simply wanting to help can backfire if you aren't competent or strong enough is something I still struggle a lot to deal with. And I end up feeling ashamed afterwards when I realize I did it all to feel good about myself and it wasn't really about helping someone.

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