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loneliness and bitterness


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To live in your thirties and to never have known what its like to love someone and for them to love you back, its quite sad. I've Had just the taste of what its like though no good or half formed relationships somehow I was just never good enough for them. This makes it easy sometimes to feel unloved and unwanted, which I often feel. I try not to but I recently respond alot with bitterness to others and hatred of myself. I dont want to end up a bitter lonely old man.

Freinds reassure you but their not there in the middle of the night when the sadness comes and your all alone. Life is really hard sometimes, to see the people you wanted enjoying the pleasures you would have loved to have shared with them its all so damn tough to keep having to move on...
Hey pbobble..

I've been where you are. Seriously, all my friends were having children, getting married, in a completely loved up relationship, and then there was me. I was rude, jealous, bitter.. just not a nice person, as a result of this. I don't have many words of advice, all I can say is never give up. I know I probably sound like one big cliche, but you really do never know what's gonna happen in the future. Have you tried getting out to meet new people, maybe a hobby that means you meet people with similar interests? Maybe just going out with a couple of friends? I'm not professing to have all the answers, but I hope that things turn right for you.


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hay, it must be so hard carrying the weight of lonleyness for a long time.
love happens when you least expect it. its a great idea to just go berzerk and start putting yourself out there, get your budies to wingman you and tell the world your still waiting on something. ever think your doing something wrong?? switch it up and adapt. if you keep on truckin your bound to pick up someone.

you still got some ammo there friend, good luck.


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Thanks for the support and encouragement, I do get out with my friends as much as possible, mostly my hobbies have been sport related or solo pursuits. Maybe I should try something new.

Will try to put myself out there a bit, I struggle to find someone, even when I'm at my best and self esteem is very low at the moment. Got to keep trying I suppose, who knows what will happen.


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Hi there pbobble.
I have had girlfriends in my teens but been single all my adult life.
No advice for you. Just I know what its like to really wish you had someone there for a kiss and a hug in the night. To not feel so unwonted and unloved by the world.
Also being alone for so long really knocks your confidence.

But ye I think love is probably what happens when you just live your life.
There's always hope :)


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I can relate to this, pbobble. I'm in my late 20s and have never had a bf. Ever.
Seriously, all my friends were having children, getting married, in a completely loved up relationship, and then there was me.
Me too. I am left alone. There are so many very happy girls out there whose only source of happiness comes from their bf. I mean, being in love alone can change their whole world, and I couldn't help wondering how those girls were before falling in love. Were they as hollow as I am? And will they become hollow again once they break up? Yeah I'm sounding jealous, I know.
Sorry for the rant lol. However, looking on the bright side, there are a few advantages of being single. First, you'll never be heartbroken. It hurts deeply beyond one can imagine. Secondly, you are free to do anything you want and your way. These are Top 10: Benefits Of Being Single I found on a website:

10. You don't have to tolerate moodiness & nagging
9. You can gain weight without worrying
8. You can appreciate your independence
7. You can control your finances
6. You have more time for activities
5. You don't have to deal with another's personal habits
4. You can be spontaneous
3. You can focus on your career
2. You can be your own boss
1. You can flirt as you please

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