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loneliness is the reason for my thoughts of suicide

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by gouki, May 22, 2009.

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  1. gouki

    gouki Member

    Im in my mid-20s and have never even fuckin kissed a girl. Before someone gives me that "life is not about getting girls" crap you CLEARLY do not understand the problem. I have a biological need to be with females in that way, it is cruel that I have to suffer like this.

    I know that I will never get to even touch a girl ether because I am ugly and I am only going to get uglier as I age more. That magic girl aint gonna come along. I have an imaginary girlfriend and thats really the only thing keeping me sane in life.

    Whats crazy is women dont suffer like this. No matter how fat or ugly a girl is she still has tons of options. I aim low as shit and STILL cant even get fuckin ugly fat girls because even they have so many fuckin options.

    I know I am going to get flamed and banned but whatever I dont care.

    I am going to kill myself one of these days, if I was not such a pussy I would do it now. I am convinced nonexistence is better than suffering 24/7.
  2. WildCherry

    WildCherry Staff Member ADMIN

    You won't get banned, and I doubt you'll get flamed either. Loneliness sucks. To be honest, I know women out there who have had trouble finding a guy too; it's not just guys. But either way, it's cruel, and it isn't fair.

    I hope you stick around. There are lots of people here to talk to. i know it's not the same thing as having someone face-to-face, but it really can take the edge off the loneliness.
  3. MeAndYou

    MeAndYou Well-Known Member

    Hey you should check out some of my threads talking about this and also BDD (body dismorphic disorder).

    I too am fundamentally ugly and know how much it just plain fucking sucks. no question about that.

    I have though found that the more i focus negatively on myself, the more the world focuses negatively on myself, and the more i am affected by the world in this negative way. You're always going to have fuckers say shit to you and that does fuckin hurt. But you have the power to not make it hurt. You have control over your attitude, and you can either keep it, or give it to someone else. The more vain you are, the more vain the world will be back. If youre mainly focusing on people and women based on their physical attributes, youre probably giong to be more sensitive about your own physical attributes. You dont want someone to be vain and superficial towards you right? Try not to "aim" for any one specific type of person physically...but rather be open to anyone who is nice enough to strike a conversation with you and intersting enough to continue it. You might be suprised.

    I know it sucks. First impressions are mainly based on how you look externally and how you present yourself (act speak look) and unfortunately many people you pass by see the first impression and will treat you based on that but hte good thing is...msot of these people only see a first impression..and you probably will never see them again. If youre fun to be around youre fun to be around and those who are around you and are sincere are going to like you for that...not your looks. If they arent sincere then they arent worth your time end of story.

    As humans (essentially animals with brains capable of higher cognition) we have instictual needs and triggers and drives and are social creatures. Unfortunately i find most of western society has been taken advantage of by corporations trying to drive consumerism. "Youre nothing unless you act like this, look like this, do this." and then the commercials come on...say the same thing and then say "Buy this product so you can achieve this!! BUY THIS PRODUCT NOW!" Its all pretty fucked up and as someone who is fundamentally ugly...hard to live with (not that attractive people dont feel the same pressure...im just speaking from an ugly guys perspective :) )

    Just remember..there are plenty of people out htere who will respond positively to humor, happiness, and kindness. But give htem a chance to EARN your trust. Dont let them take advantage of you but dont assume just because they are stylish or attractive that they suck.

    Hope i helped man PM me anytime causei know how hard it is sometimes
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  4. Mightbehere

    Mightbehere Well-Known Member

    :poo: better to be alone then with someone you hate.
  5. Alliance

    Alliance Well-Known Member

    Some of us want true love and not vag for a buck.

    I too am so lonely and yet I hate pretty much all people. All I want is love and without that I would rather die. I lost my love and have not been able to find anyone special in the years since.

    One of these days if I don't find that someone, whether it be months, 2, 5, or 10 years that I will end it. 90% sure that is my end, and have thought so for about 15 years.

    I know friends are not quite as cool as lovers, but eh, can you make friends? I'm not so good at it since I come off so negative.
  6. gouki

    gouki Member

    But I would bet my life they still have tons of options. They are just PICKY PICKY PICKY and cant find a guy who meets their high/unrealistic standards. No such thing as a desperate girl.

    On the other hand tons of guys would take just about anything they can get.

    Due to numbers and interest women are in high demand and men are in overstock. Here's proof:



    Also i think its a pretty universal truth that men want women VASTLY more than women want men. I read a study last month that showed that only 19 percent of women who make $250,000+ a year are married....19 percent! I guess that goes to show most women really only want $$$ so when they make it themselves they have no need for a man at all.

    Also since the subject on here is suicide dont you guys find it interesting that 85 percent of people who commit suicide are MALE:


    Want to know the reason for this? Its the same reason why 99 percent of homeless people are MALE. When you are a female your chances of failing at life are very slim. This is because no matter how bitchy, fat, ugly, etc. you are society will bend over backwards six ways to sunday to accommodate you.

    I have a female cousin who is 300lbs, hideous, yellow crooked teeth, smells horrible (never showers), horrible acne, total bitch, openly racist, high school drop out, illiterate. There is NOTHING to like about this girl......she lived with my parents (since her's would not put up with her shit) so trust me when i say this, she always had average looking guys or better all over her. She is now married to a good looking guy who works for NASA and has him whipped beyond belief.

    I think it's a pretty self-evident fact that women are considered as demi-gods and worshiped blindly. I know many male virgins, very, very few female virgins of course and the ones who are are always by choice, hardly any male one is.

    Guys seem to have no self respect now a days. Even most average looking guys will jump for joy and go ape shit for a fat ugly chick that shows even a slight him of interest in him. He then will proceed to kiss her ass and bend over backwards for her.

    I have been on 6 different dating websites in the past 3 years and over this period of time i have send hundreds of personally constructed (not copy paste) messages. Rejected every single time. So i did a social experiment where I created a female profile and posted a picture of some random fat ugly chick and it gets 15 messages a fuckin week...and no most are NOT from ugly or old guys. Most are average looking guys or better.

    Oh heres another thing I love. On message boards the female users are worshipped like crazy. When a female creates a thread its rate of growth is about 5x what is normal. I bet theres like 1 or 2 female users here. I also predict that a female user is going to disagree with everything i said and call me "sexist" or a "misogynist" and after that 600 desperate lonely guys are gonna reply saying how they agree with her and then proceed to flame me for 20 pages all in an attempt to score brownie points with her.

    For the record I am not a sexist or a misogynist. I never said men are better than women in any way. I just hate the fact that they are worshipped so much.

    This is not a fuckin world I want to live in.
  7. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    You need to step back and take a look at yourself.. Are you clean, shaven, dressed well, have a decent haircut, and the biggest thing is attitude.. Women like positive, self confident, and humorous guys.. I f you go looking dressed like a slob with a negative attitude you will set off red flags that will drive them away..Work on your confidence and sence of humor then go out looking..
  8. Maaso

    Maaso Well-Known Member

    Most dudes go for that "bad girl/rebel" look, why? Because they put out. And why do men go hoggin' after the fat chicks so often? They are better in bed. But they have to be. I dont want to upset any of the fellow fatties (I myself am over weight) but take the "average" girl, and a "biggen" the ladder will ALWAYS be on top, whether you want her big ass up there or not. They ALWAYS suck the best dick, and I dont know what it is about them. But they are ALWAYS tighter than hell. But why? Well, I dont know...because they have to be I guess to keep you around.

    I dont know of another way to put that, its honest and to the point.
  9. gouki

    gouki Member

    A couple years ago I made an all out effort to get a girlfriend. I did everything I am "supposed" to do. I got a typical male short haircut, expensive clothes, the works. It still did not matter, girls still rejected me. Putting nice clothes on an ugly guy is like putting lipstick on a pig. Sticking feathers on you ass wont make you a chicken. Girls decide if they are attracted to a guy within seconds....long before personality, confidence, and attitude are apparent.

    I am still clean (shower at least one a day) and clean shaven and all that, but I dont spend tons of money on expensive clothes anymore because it clearly does not matter.

    Let me tell you a story. One of my friends tried to hook me up with one of his girlfriend's friends. I knew nothing about her and she knew nothing about me. We were all going to meet at a restaurant for I guess a double date or whatever. So anyways we are all at the table and the girl they were trying to hook me up with was the last to arrive. I smiled, looked at her and said "hey". She turned, looked at me, and then looked away and started whispering things back and forth to my friends girlfriend, this went on for 2 minutes and then they both went to the bathroom together. 5 minutes later they both come out, my friends girlfriend returns to the table but the other girl left. My friend's girlfriend told me "you're not her type". I already know that is code for "she does not find you attractive"...because first off I was in expensive cloths, clean shaven, all that crap...second what the hell could she have learned from "hey"? I DARE someone to tell me confidence or personality played a role in this rejection. This is just ONE of MANY examples of girls CLEARLY rejecting me based on LOOKS.

    Of course girls wont admit they reject guys based on looks, social desirability bias, they dont want to look superficial. Girls will select a mate primarily based on looks....its called selective breeding. Every generation the gene pool improves slightly because the bottom tier males did not get to spread their seed. That is part of how evolution works.

    Yeah...a few ugly guys can slip through the cracks...theres an exception to every rule....but as a general rule most just die off.
  10. Alliance

    Alliance Well-Known Member

    Wait, I'm confused. I thought girls liked slobs with long hair.
  11. Godsdrummer

    Godsdrummer Guest

    It's been so long since I have experienced sex and or love, going back to an earlier post, I didnt know you could find a ***** for $20.00!
  12. gouki

    gouki Member

    You cant....at least not here in the states. Hookers here START at around $250 an hour (for a cheap one). And even that would only get you an overweight 40 year old fat one. If you want an attractive hooker thats in her 20s prepare to pay at LEAST $500-600 an hour if not 1k or more.

    But its a moot point since I want an actual relationship and not just pointless sex.
  13. Angelo_91

    Angelo_91 Well-Known Member

    I don't know what to believe but seeing as no one begs to differ or argue, you are probably right about your information. It still doesn't change anything though.
  14. Maaso

    Maaso Well-Known Member

    Wichita, Ks. South Broadway on a WEEKDAY.

    You can get anything there for almost any price you want.

    And I would agree that most girls do base their initial impressions on you and how you look. They dont care how much the clothes your wearing are worth, how fat your wallet it. They are looking for a clean cut guy, if you literally just got out of bed, and your hair is messy, they know that. They can however, tell if you got that goo in your hair to make it look that way. If you got a little 5:00 shadow thing going on, they can tell if if your lazy and havent shaved, but if you have that same look but its trimmed in some areas still giving you that "rugged" look, they know that.

    When you first met that girl, and said "hey" Did you look at her, make eye contact, smile, stand up when you met her. Or did slump in your chair, look her up and down, and mumble out "hey."

    You dont have to be the best looking guy, have the best body, or treat them like they are goddess'. You just have to be confident in yourself.
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  15. gouki

    gouki Member

    1) I smiled and said hey. Face it dude it was based on looks.

    2) I am not talking about hair, facial hair or anything like that. I am talking about facial features and facial structure. I have a horrible facial structure and ugly facial features in general. If you have an ugly face it does not matter what you do with your clothes, hair etc. Thats just how it is.
  16. Maaso

    Maaso Well-Known Member

    Dude, post a pic of yourself...then I'll post a pic of my ugly ass. Were all friends here.
  17. gouki

    gouki Member

    If someone wants it my AIM is chansey0071 and I MIGHT give it to you.

    Im not posting it on a forum for all to see.
  18. gouki

    gouki Member

    As a general rule:

    Good looking rich guys get hot girls
    good looking guys get average girls
    average guys get fat ugly chicks
    ugly guys die off

    Yeah a few might slip through the cracks but this is a general rule that holds true much more often than not.
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  19. Aurora Gory Alice

    Aurora Gory Alice Well-Known Member

    All I can say is you are SO wrong. So so wrong.

    I'm an ugly girl and I don't have options. You are SO wrong.
  20. gouki

    gouki Member

    I bet like every other ugly girl you do have options...you just rule out every guy who approches you because they dont muster up to your standards. I did a social experiment where i posted a pic of a FAT AND UGLY chick on a dating website and the account got 15 messages a day. So if you want a boyfriend go to a susage fest dating side like plentyoffish and you will have guys lined up. But then your excuse will be they are not good enough. Im sick of going on dating website forums and hearing threads from girls saying "the guys on here are not good enough. Fucking ****s..... What is worse is the guys all side with her instantly. Fucking bootlicking dick suckers. Seriously these guys are desperate as hell...you could get a heterosexual guy to suck another guys dick if you told him...thats how desperate guys are....

    I am also willing to bet every guy on this thread is going to defend the crap you say in order to score brownie points with you. ZOMGZ ITS A GURL ON TEH INTERWEBZ!!!! MUST.....WORSHIP.....TO.....SCORE.....BROWNIE POINTS!!!

    I bet guys hit on you all the time but you dismiss them as "creepy" or some shit because you do not find them attractive.
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