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Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by broken inside., Jun 4, 2006.

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  1. i'm so tired of being alone. i wish i had some real friends... i wish i had someone to talk to... not about depression, i have a psychologist for that, but ordinary things... like music, art, anything...
    i wish someone would like me and not just sleep with me...
    why is it so hard to like me?
  2. BlackPegasus

    BlackPegasus Well-Known Member

    I think sometimes we don't realize that there are people who like us. I know I feel that way often. Have you tried talking to others about this. As far as sleeping with someone it's hard when you are in the moment but I think it's better if you are friends first before it goes there. I'm sure lots of people like you. I don't know who you are but I'm sure that I like you as a friend.

  3. oh Mia, you are always so nice to me. but i bet you wouldn't like me if you got to know me...
  4. How can you be fucking lonely when people want to sleep with you. Gosh I hate people like yourself who just never stop lieing about their own problems. Be honest instead of making up things.

    I am more lonelier than you probably more lonelier than most ppl if not everyone. I have no friends, have no gf, I have never had a gf or had sex, I am all alone and havent had a proper conversation with anyone for nearly 3 weeks, been housebound for nearly a week does that MAKE U FEEL BETTER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you think ur life is so god damn hard, you dont know what tough really is until u know what its really like to be me!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Right U R Ken

    Right U R Ken Well-Known Member

    That's the idea ... BAAAAA-ZING!!!

    Yeah, I hide the pain with humor.. What can I say.
  6. WHY ME????

    WHY ME???? Guest

    At least you have some friends whether they are real or fake or online.

    I dont even have an online friend, in myspace my only friend is TOM the admin dude, I dont get people replying on my posts either or emails or PMS.

    I dont even know if these posts that Im putting your thread ever exists not that people will care to notice anyways.

    I am as much ignored and abused in the internet world as I am in real life.

    On top of this everything in my life is screwed.
  7. WHY ME????

    WHY ME???? Guest

    And just in case you are wondering I AM 100% PURE VIRGIN. Never kissed or touched a girl. At least u have experience I dont.

    Hope u feel better that ur life is far more better and u are probably far more superior than I will ever be in 1 million lifetimes
  8. perry_mason

    perry_mason Well-Known Member

    I dont think its a contest to see who is more lonely.
    (all of the things you said also apply to me btw)
  9. WHY ME????

    WHY ME???? Guest

    But as an S.A.D sufferer u feel as though everyone is better than you in everything in life. I look around me all the time, I see people looking better than me, are more outgoing than I am, are surrounded by people and that is why I am alone. I really dont know if I dress well or if I look good because people do make me feel like an outcast, they make me feel ugly.

    Have u ever watched a movie by yourself in the cinemas. Prob not cause no one does it I sit there in the dark watching a movie while couples, families and friends are all around me laughing talking loudly.

    Of course theres nothing wrong with that, but it does hurt me alot.

    And when it comes to sex, well no one wants to do it with me anyways, im overweight.

    At least ppl who boasts about their sex lives and still complains that they are lonely here should be proud of themselves. why? At least ppl are physically attractive to youse. I know thats not everything but that should be a big PLUS to their self esteem.
  10. WHY ME????

    WHY ME???? Guest


    And when beautiful ppl here says that they have no self esteem I just can never understand that. PPL who are popular, have good relationships, have good material possessions, have good careers, have a good life overall and still they complain.

    What would they do if they have a life that I am having right now, unemployed, overweight, stupid and dumb, no car, shit life, no social life.

    PPL complain about their social life yet they go to bars clubs parties whatever more than i do. I can count the number of times I went to a night club probably on two hands alone!!!

    PPL like that complain just because just one thing went wrong. Like BF issues woopiee doo doo.

    And what about in my case when I have been suffering all my life and everything else is going wrong, not just one but everything.

    PPL come here they want to commit suicide just cause there is one thing wrong with their lives.

    I have a million things wrong going in my life right now. on top of this I have depression serious depression and that prevents me from making any attempts to sort my shit out.

    I am done with life and ppl who constantly whinge about how hard their life. How do u think that makes me feel???

    The loneliest among the lonely.
  11. ItThing

    ItThing Well-Known Member

    Dude, I know a people here who have been cooped up in their room for years, and still has problems socializing, surely three weeks without talking at all would be nothing for them, so please shut up. Secondly, I understand the cause of your frustration but it is totally innappropriate for you to vent your anger on others. In SF we have people with any degree of problems in their lives, and we recognize that everyone deserves to be heard, and that no one's needs are more important than anyone else's. Please do not join SF if you can not give other people the respect they are due.
  12. WHY ME????

    WHY ME???? Guest

    I also know ppl in youtube who suffers from agro and hasnt left their house in months. But they have friends very good social support. All they need to do is arrange with someone to meet out and thats it. I for one have no friends. I have been housebound for days not because I like to stay indoors but because I have spent so many days and nights showcasing to others how much of a loner I am. I go to movies etc all by myself.

    I come here because I have a legitimate reason to do so. Others they are suicidal because of their own superficial needs like they only get laid once a week when it used to be everyday, oh my bf or gf dumped me or oh their ignoring my phone calls.

    Try never getting laid, being a social outcast, and living as an extrovert with no friends now that is fucking hell. I go to events, concerts, sports, movies all by myself. I did not chose to be lonely, people chose to dislike me.

    I for one came to this website here because I am lonely as hell and I need people. This is a human need not a superficial one

    Btw have u seen the how u scale ur life out of 10. Most scaled it above 5 many have got it way to easy. My scale out of 10 ( infinite zeros)
  13. soliloquise

    soliloquise Well-Known Member

    EVERYONE here is in pain. it is not a competition as to whose life is the most crap. neither can you compare one persons reactions to pain with anothers.
    if you want to make friendships here check your attitude. taking your anger out on others is unfair.
    i am new here, i have met some nice people. take the time to stop comparing your lifes problems with other peoples and be less judgemental and you could end up with a lot of friends. carry on as you are and people will not want to know.
  14. WHY ME????

    WHY ME???? Guest

    And like every passing day I am being continually harrased, criticised, misunderstood and abused.

    Story of my life love it just love it!!!!!!!!!!

    Non of youse know what the hell i am going through. THE HELL THAT IM GOING THROUGH!!!!!!!
  15. ItThing

    ItThing Well-Known Member

    Yeah man, it doesn't help you or anyone else for you to proclaim that you have the worst life in the world. I see that you are very angry and frustrated but you need to stop and accept that everyone here is in desperate need of support, and if you calm down for five minutes you can get the attention you want as well.
    and just from someone who's actually spent some time talking to people here, you should know that there are many many people here who are far worse off than you. I'm not saying this to make you feel bad but if you don't stop being so self centered you might hurt everyone's feelings. Please do not use someone else's thread to vent your anger and hatred. I'd also appreciate if you took a better look around SF so you can understand how we do things here - by helping others when they need it and to respect those around you and especially those who help you. Don't worry, there are plenty here who would be glad to befriend you if you give them a chance, me too for example, if you're angry or sad you can talk to me and I'll try to help you any way I can.
  16. WHY ME????

    WHY ME???? Guest

    Obviously u have no idea what Agoraphobia is
  17. WHY ME????

    WHY ME???? Guest

    Agoraphobia its like ask yourself how small really is your world. My world over the last 3 weeks are consisted of these four walls.

    over the last year I have not left this city. I havent travelled no more than 30 kms over the last 2 years.

    I have been bed bound for 2 days straight.
  18. ItThing

    ItThing Well-Known Member

    Well when did this all start? Why aren't you leaving your house?
  19. perry_mason

    perry_mason Well-Known Member

    well i have never been so you are better than me i guess.
    but im not going to get angry that other people are more social than me, its just how it is.
    instead of being angry towards others, see what you can improve in your own life first. and saying that you cannot do 'nothing' is not the answer, if may seem like you cant do anything to improve how you are at the minute, but there will always be something.

    well said.
  20. WHY ME????

    WHY ME???? Guest

    Cause I am giving u a reason why I am like this. U will only understand if u only go through the pain and suffering that I am going through right now
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