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    Over the past few months, I keep getting this feeling. The feeling of emptiness and loneliness on the inside. I think I have somehow managed to lose most of my old friends without making any new ones.

    Maybe I'm not trying hard. Maybe I just have a boring and bland personality. Maybe I'm just not good enough to befriend. Whatever the explanation, it seems like college has created a lonely and miserable me.

    I don't get it. I really don't understand why the years that are supposed to be the "best" years of my life are creating little more than misery. At this rate, soon I will have no close friend at all. Future seems hopeless :(
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    Hun talk to someone okay a councillor at your school your doctor let them know how you are feeling maybe meds will help councilling but dont' fight it alone okay talk to someone:hugtackles:
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    I've been having some long nights with loneliness lately, also discovering my old friends have slipped away, though in my case it was due to devoting myself to a long-term relationship which has now ended. A wise friend told me his strategy for meeting people after the death of his wife, which is:

    Go places, do things, even if you don't think you'll have fun. If you enjoy yourself, or have a great conversation, it'll be a good surprise. Just get out and do stuff, especially if it interests you.

    Check in with the counseling center, 'cause talking to a trained person can be a big help in taking care of yourself... and loneliness can suck less when you know you have a place to go to talk. I've had some good conversations here on SF in the chat room when I can't sleep. :)
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    I've heard that they're supposed to be the best years of life as well, but most adults I've talked to about that sort of thing tell me that it's not really true. If you ever feel lonely, just shoot me a PM so we can talk more. I'll be here for you, I promise. I'm sure you're a great guy.

    EDIT: Sorry, I mean girl! I've developed this really bad habit of calling everyone a guy. ;_;
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    Aww thank you :) I have lots of assessments going on at the moment, but I will definitely try to book a counselling appointment after that. Really wasn't expecting anyone to reply, thanks so much for taking the time to help :)
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    Wow, awesome advice right there! Thank you so much. I was feeling quite bummed today but your message definitely made me smile. I will certainly try to go out there and take part in more activities.
    *hugs* Hope your situation gets better. I know it's definitely difficult to get over a relationship.. Hang in there :)
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    Hahaha the guy part fully made me laugh. At the beginning I was like, okay, we all make assumptions about people's gender.. but then I went..wait..my ID is VioletGIRL. Kinda hard to get that wrong!
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    Heehee, yeah! I have my dumb moments. :p Still, I'm glad I could make you laugh.
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    im going though the same thing but in highschool .....all you can do is hope it will get better thats what im doing itl get better at some points and alot worse at others but dont give up remeber if you do good to people people will do good things for you its karma it happens everyday last week i let a guy bum my last smoke off me and im 16 so i dont have an id or anything so its difficult to get smokes for me and im about to have a major surgery done on my knee and i was sitting on my front porch wishing i had cigs and my neighbor came up to me and said your usally out here smoking whats up and im lik i cant walk to the store to get smokes and he said il be right back and he came back with 3 packs of marlboro reds for me :) just have hope and love and everything will work out as the great profit bob marley would say dont worry about a thing cause every little thing will be alright and i believe every word of that i hope you feel better and everything works out and if you need someone to talk to im here for you
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    Not sure how old you are, obviously youngster, I am 23, have suffered from lonliness on and off since I was 17. You are coming to or are at the stage where connecting to people becomes important and valuable. Oh how life was easy when I was little and could just be happy playing with toys.

    I have been in and out of lonliness as I say, at the same sort of age as you, i'm back in it now, I know that it is all about your enviornment. That can always change and be changed, lonliness is a hard emotion to go through but it isn't the end of the world, no matter how much you feel it. Like you I have doubted myself greatly, I still do, that is a natural reaction to lonliness, your mind begins to come up with excuses for it, you then exagerate that and your self esteem can implode. But I assue it can all be rebuilt by changing your routines and enviornment. Then you will slowly rebuild confidence. I also get that feeling I am boring and have no personality, you have to find your place in the world, your people, that is one of main problems for people our age.

    As Tea at Four said get out into some new social networking situations. If they do not work or you do not find yourself capable of going and doing it then people on here could help you look at why and work at that. I wish you all the best :) But from someone who has been lonely, has got out of it and is back into it, know that there is still a place for you in this world, like me its just proving difficult to find it at the moment.