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Lonely and Paranoid.

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Mama_Pills, Feb 20, 2010.

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  1. Mama_Pills

    Mama_Pills Well-Known Member

    I hate when my only real friend won't answer my texts, because she's the only person I talk to, and I know it's really selfish, but I don't like not knowing what she's doing because I keep thinking she avoids me on purpose because she's sick of listening to my whining. I don't know. It's so stupid. Times like these I wish I didn't have friends so I wouldn't have anything to leave behind if I offed myself.
  2. Ragnarok

    Ragnarok New Member

    my girlfriend is pregnant with my child and i sometimes think it wuld have been better for her never to have met me, she deserves a better life than all the pain and misery i have brought her. i was terminal wen we first got together and she stayed with me through it all but since ive recovered ive taken a mental break down. shes really tired some am afraid to talk to her at times and i fear il lose her. ive tried getting help but my mind is worse from it. i find it hard to cope without her help but i have the most paranoid dilusion am going lose her because every other woman in my life killed themselvs or trried to end or destroy my life. i need to talk to someone just not a doctor who actualli asked was she real wen they seen me breakdown and told bout my life arrrrg i dunno... my heads always gone :( i love sara...
  3. Bonifide C

    Bonifide C Member

    This is something I can relate to. My only friend as well is getting annoy of my constant depression/whining. It is also why I don't discuss about my problems to anyone anymore, and always pretend at least when I'm outside that everything is normal, alright, and the sky is really all sunny and blue.
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