Lonely Girl

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  1. FrainBart

    FrainBart Staff Alumni

    The one that held you close, and cleared your head
    who helped when you despaired.
    the one who catered, cleaned and cared
    the one who etched it deep again

    All in vain, t'was for naught,
    the darkness seeped and sunk again
    she lost herself, day by day
    and drowned in her despair

    The one that waited upon your request
    the one whose limits put to test
    the one who slowly grew disgust
    and slowly began to distrust.

    All in vain, t'was for naught
    the girl once strong, was now lost
    facing lifes emptiness
    facing days loneliness

    The one that helped and tried to care
    began to lose herself in despair
    the one whose feelings were not spared
    the one that said what she dared

    All in vain, t'was for naught
    She tried to keep her head held high
    while your disappointment came to shine
    the lonely girl that once was strong...
    that lonely girl is me
  2. Im sorry for the one who left you. Its better that there gone now instead of later if they couldnt handle who you were. Im sorry and I hope you find someone who makes you happy and that this message helps you smile a bit at least knowing your not forgotten.
  3. FrainBart

    FrainBart Staff Alumni

    Thank you. I guess it's not so easy to carry on when it's your own mother.
  4. Leon2

    Leon2 Active Member

    so sorry FrainBart
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