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    Guess I could not face what's ahead..
    All I wanted, is a bullet to the head..
    Because I know, I am better off dead..
    I never had that much time to spend..
    I need not have my so-called friends..
    Cause I'm sure I am now at the end..
    I wish I could just die in a deep sleep..
    But still, I will see the demons creep..
    Because my world's like hell's keep..

    Feeling alone, in a world without love..
    Uninvited, in this place called Earth..
    Drowning with sorrows I don’t deserve..
    Light my candles, I didn’t find ‘God’..
    Can’t believe, nor confide in the ‘Lord’..
    Doesn’t matter; I won’t give it a thought..
    All the beauty in the world is so untrue..
    Life has thrown me deeper into my blues..
    All my laughter, all my joy is subdued..

    Couldn’t fake anymore of this heartache..
    Couldn’t take another bout of heartbreak..
    Can’t love life, nor live for nobody’s sake..
    Can’t find a way out of this losing game..
    But no one else, but myself left to blame..
    Bleeding incessantly, dying to be ‘sane’..
    Even though I’m a child, still I feel so old..
    All this talk of happiness has grown cold..
    Guess I should give up my worthless soul..
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.