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Lonely, lost, confused

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I'm hurting and I can't stop these thoughts. Each day gets harder to get through, I try to smile and laugh when need be. But when I'm alone I fall apart I cry until I panic and can't breathe. To the point where I'm pulling at my hair, to the point where I'm so numb it doesn't hurt when I drag the silver across my skin. It's this feeling of having no one. I just need help I need someone to talk too. I can't fight this battle alone anymore!!! I've tries but this time I can't pull myself together!

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Hi hun good to see you reaching out for help here you did good. You are not alone now okay you keep talking here people will listen and care Just know you can pm me anytime okay i will listen hugs to you


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Hi shawny.. welcome.. you can express how you are doing here and most of us can identify some with your current state of affairs.. been there ourselves..

have you ever had a psychiatrist and or a therapist??? ask this cause i have gotten a lot of real good help from mine over the years..

glad to have you with us now.. tc, Jim


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Hi and welcome...it is very brave to admit that one cannot do something alone...have you sought professional advise? That might also be helpful at this point...hope you stay and share with us what is going on...welcome again


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Welcome to the forums!! If company is what you seek then you came to the right place..Theres plenty of people here to talk to..
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