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  1. thoughtless

    thoughtless New Member

    I had an attempt last week and was hospitalised for 5 days. Everything got worse since then. I lost some of my hearing sense and i have physical pain too. Now i'm on therapy, i don't have hope for it, but i'm doing it for my family. I feel so alone. I want to cry so bad, but i can't anymore. Everyday is worse than the day before. I can't sleep. I have anxiety. I can't concentrate. I just want to be dead. I feel such a failure.

    The trigger of all of this is that i lost someone i love. I can't cope with that. or anything. This is too much for me. I don't have friends. My family cares, but simply we don't have communication. They are trying but it feels so fake after 25 years of indifference. Why should i keep living for the sake of others?

    I know there are people who have worse problems than mines, but they have hope. I would give them my life without thinking, but i can't. I'm not a monster just because i want to die, i'm tired of all the judgement.

    I wish someone understands.

    I've tried everything. Forums, meditation, motivational speeches, suicide lines, therapy, talk, talk, talk, i even have a blog about literally a 1000 things why life is awesome (in two months i barely found 20 FOR MYSELF). Nothing works.

    I'm exhausted.

    I'm ready to leave. I feel i did my time.
  2. seadra

    seadra Active Member

    We don't put anyone above others here. We care and are here to help. Remember here, you have friends. Victims of pain can be the best healers to others, I found out that personally.
  3. Brian777

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    Hi Thoughtless, I'm sorry you're going through this all I can say is I've been where you are and it can change. You didn't mention if you'd tried medication, this can help although it takes time to get the right med and for them to work. I hope you give it some more time. Even though you don't think your family cares, I'm sure they do, sometimes people get so caught up in their own lives and it appears that way, but I'm sure your attempt 5 days ago really scared them. I hope you feel better soon. Take care
  4. To the OP pm,we should talk now im not the best person to give advice as my life is pretty crappy and i too FEEL like calling it quits sometimes.But for some reason i feel like i understand your pain or i think i do.plz talk to me so i can try to help.
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