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  1. darkesthour

    darkesthour New Member

    Hi everyone, first post here. I’ve been feeling suicidal for the past two or so years, when I gave up drugs. I’d been using them for about ten years when I realised how much damage they were doing to my life.

    To help me I had to avoid all my friends so that I was not tempted. I focused on getting my career in order (which I am still working on but it’s coming along fine), and lost touch with those friends. The ones I do still see, occasionally, still take drugs and I find it increasingly difficult to spend time with them, not because I may be tempted, but because they act like assholes on them.

    As a result I spend all my spare time on my own, watching crap on TV. I meet people through work etc, and get on with them, but they do not know about my past. They talk about all the exciting things that they have done in the past, but all my stories are about how I got high and did something stupid – drugs are involved in everything I have done over those ten years.

    I am 36, and I guess everyone at that age experiences a decrease in their social life, and I am single – an ex druggie has little to offer. However, I know that I am capable of making friends who are not from the druggie world. I just don’t know where to find them (the people I work with are all married or attached and have no time for me). So I guess my question is, where do I meet new friends? Is there somewhere online? I feel so low that going out is a chore, and this seems the easiest way.
  2. jane doe

    jane doe Well-Known Member

    well, i used to be around people who take drugs but i walked away from them aswell. If you feel lonely, it is a good thing to look in internet, but you may also give your life to the computer. People in work almost doesnt have time enough to go outside with friends, but may be a dinner time ine time?
    this is the easier way but you should put yourself togheter and go outside or you`ll fall in depression, knowing everything around you can get disconected with a isp wire.You can look friends for internet and may be you`lll know them on real life, but in case you dont, it wil help you to get some confidence in yourself

    Best of luck!

    Ps sorry about the bad typing, i should be sleeping since last 5 hours
  3. dazzle11215

    dazzle11215 Staff Alumni

    hi, and welcome

    online is good, but real life friends to hang out with is better, imho. i moved to a new country last year and have had a very hard time meeting people here. i know how awful it is to be lonely.

    it's probably depression talking that says you don't have anything to offer. you have survived life in the druggie world and come through to the other side. if nothing else, that makes you smart, tenacious, and compassionate (having been through difficult times you can maybe be sympathetic to others going through a life change).

    it might be time for you to try something entirely new. creative writing class? poetry writing? photography? yoga? screen printing? hiking? ballroom dancing? if you can make the effort to get out of the house you will eventually find the something that interests you and a crowd of people who are looking to learn something new as well as make friends.

    me, i'm into photography. i joined this online community - www.apug.org - and from there met some new friends, we get together every few months to go away for a weekend to photograph some different part of ireland.
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