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  1. MaNg0s

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    For the past 4 years now I have been depressed and I think its mainly due to the fact that I am very lonely. I mean yes there has been some events in my past to contribute to my depression but coping with it alone just makes it worse. I do have friends but they are not people I can talk to my depression with they don't really understand it. It has just been worse for me lately as my bday was a couple of days ago and it just made me think about my ex a lot and how she would always be there to cheer me up and keep me company. Also one of my friends well I don't think I can consider him a friend any more was supposed to come over for a little gathering with some other friends yesterday but said he was sick when he was in fact sleeping with a girl I dated in the beginning of this year.

    It is actually pathetic that every night before I go to sleep I say good night to my ex in my head thats how insane I think I am going from being so lonely. I am so depressed everyday most of the day and its just getting harder to cope. I don't want to end my life but is it really worth living if I feel the same everyday ?
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    Well, I certainly know what it's like to be lonely. It can feel like an empty, quiet ache. Especially when it involves a lost love. I feel that way a hell of a lot myself. The day before my birthday I didn't feel that good at all. But on my birthday (yesterday) I seemed to come out of it. I decided to go do a few things that I knew I would like. And some good little coincidences happened along the way too. I wrote about it in the positive post section.

    I think you should treat yourself as nice as you can this weekend. You deserve it. Do something that you like, even if it means you have to do it on your own. I've talked with my therapist about my own problems with depression and loneliness and he talks about grief. Not just sadness but actual grief. I'm grieving for the loves I never had and for the young man that I once was but am no longer. I don't know when you broke up with your ex, but it sounds like you're grieving and there's nothing more natural than that. You're allowed to grieve. It may not be lots of fun, but it's not pathetic. Mentally saying "Goodnight" to her sounds like a natural thing to do. Grief takes a long time to get through, but it is possible.
  3. ZundertowZ

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    im going through the same thing! its probably the worst consistant pain ive ever gone through! its been close 2 4 months and the pain is still intense but its not 24/7 anymore. i really dont have answers just wanna tell u ur not alone and if u wanna talk contact me.
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