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  1. darkplace

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    Has anyone ever been in a long distance relationship before? Just would like to know if you found it really tough or better as you dont see that much of each other?
    Im just frustrated now a little i guess. Must wait 3 weeks now dang it! When usually its only been 2.. :( I guess being unemployed is making me focus on not being together more but i think its just plain frustrating anyway atm. :mellow: I have never been so patient in my lifeeee. Bah! X/
  2. mixedemotions

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    I have been in a long distance relationship. and although being apart was really difficult and some days I just didnt wanna go on, unles I was with him..
    I knew that in order for things to work, we both had to stay strong....

    I'd go crazy when not with him, but then the time we did spend together was just fantastic. it was so romantic. so exciting....

    We were almost 200miles away from each other, and we used to see each other every couple of weeks .. but then it got closer... then like he were going out for 3months and we moved into together,

    and it is amazing. although I must admit, I miss the texting, late night phone calls for hours at a time. The heart beat I'd miss when I seen him appear on line or hear the phone ring.

    I hated it when the train pulled away from the station. I'd wave until I could no longer see him. It was heart breaking but i always knew that I'd see him again.

    Long Distance can work, if ya want it too
  3. darkplace

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    aww *sniff im glad you had a happy ending :)
  4. wheresmysheep

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    they can work, my other half lives an hour away. and neither of us drive, so we rely on a bus service. and were into our 5th year almost. we did live together for about 2/3years tho
    but other than that we've been travelling to see each other
  5. SAVE_ME

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    At least you get to see your SO. Mine was in the US, so for me that was...well, I guess you could say "out of the question".

    In the end it failed.

    Good luck to you though, you seem like you're determined to stick it out.
  6. whoamiboo

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    I was in a ldr for 2 years, 3000 miles away. It was hell...we met online AOL and back then there was no video AOL so it was even rougher. Cell phones were expensive so we relied on calling cards. So go figure. Today as we speak we are in our 11 year together as a couple. We have been living together this long so actually as a couple we are in 13 years. It does work but it takes alot of work. I to was out of work when we were online lovers. So the distances was tough. We somehow managed to get through it seeing each other only 4 times a year for 2 years until that wasnt good enough. Good luck to you and you SO. I hope that you find that same happiness that we found in our ldr. :)