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long distance


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so..me and this girl i have liked for 4 years are finally dating..one issue.she lives in flordia..i live in kansas..does anyone have any advice:)

black orchid

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No advice, just to wish you luck :) Hope you two have a really long and awesome future together.

Personally i can't handle or deal with long-distance very well.


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I'm not sure if this counts as advice, but just to stay in good contact with eachother and make efforts to see eachother when possible. Maybe using skype or something to make video calls would be nice...if its a possibility.

either way best of luck and i hope it works out for you


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Logn distance relationships are pretty tough and heavy going, but can be made easier by staying in contact regularly and seeing each other on a regular basis. My fiance was my best friend for 2 years before we started dating but just as we started dating he moved away. Almost 4 years later we are still together, still living apart but we have a wedding to plan and starting to house hunt for when we both finish university. They can work and are very difficult when you spend long periods apart, but the times you spend together are just so precious and totally worth it.

I wish you the best of luck and I hope it works out.


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Me and fiance were 16 when we first started dating. We're both 20 now. It IS possible to do the visiting just have to save up all your pennies :)
I was in a long distance relationship for over 3 years, and YES they do work, as long as you are both completley commited.

I admit, at times its really tough, but if you speak everyday, and trust each other ect, theres no reason it shouldnt work. I only saw my girlfriend every 3-6 months, for a week at a time, when I had chance to visit her.

But if you both love each other, distance isnt an issue.

Hope everything goes well for you! :D xx

Mr. E

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If the people involved are committed, then they can absolutely work. Technology these days helps a lot. I found skype to be a great asset in the last long distance relationship I had. Good luck! :)


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I met my ex over World of Warcraft and was with him for 2 1/2 years, and it would have worked if it wasn't for him leaving me for a 14 year old at the very end since my mental illness problems got too big for him and he didn't want to end up "taking care" of me if I was to get worse while I was with him.

The #1 thing that helped us out a lot was to talk on a daily basis over Skype. If we didn't do that, we probably wouldn't have lasted that long. Communication is super, super, SUPER important. Make sure you guys can have tons of trust in each other, try not to get jealous over little things, if something bugs you make sure they know, and if you get weird vibes about something ask them and don't assume.

Me and my ex also visited about a year or so after being together - I was 17 and he was 16. It's really hard to do that especially if your financial situation is kind of shaky or if you have parents that don't understand that you're "serious" about your relationship, I'm not really sure of what you have to work with, but if you guys aren't able to meet any time soon, look forward to when you can!

I'm not sure how much any of this helps you out and I wish both of you the best! Keep in mind that even though a LDR is hard and sometimes frustrating, it takes 2 to make it work and it can really have good good benefits if it works right :mhmm:

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