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long few weeks

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I keep feeling like the pain will never stop. there is so much there and when I try to not think about it there it is so hard. I don't think I can get over the pain. Sorry for being vague...I really don't feel like going into huge detail....just alot of hurt and feels like it will always be a part of me.


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I'm sorry that you are having hard times right now. Its good that you can at least try to express your feelings here and reach out for help. Have you talked personally with anyone, friends, family, doctor? We all experience pain of some sort, some worse than others, and it can often be too much to tackle yourself. Don't stop believing things can get better, because they can. Keep reaching for help, it is out there. Take care and BIG hugs:hugtackles:


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I am also so sorry that you are going through such a rough time...maybe writing about it will give you some respite...please know my PM box is always open...wishing you better times


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Thanks, but I can't talk to my family. In fact, I am so sick of my family. I almost cut tonight because I have so much anger bottled up inside. I try not to hate them, but they make that so hard. They are some of the biggest hypocrites ever. My mother is childish and irrational, yet can't look at herself in a mirror.

None of these people could care if I took my life anymore than the girl who hurt me.


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I am sure they would care hun. They might not show it in a way we would expect them to but dont think that they dont care. Sorry you are going through a rough time. Keep reaching out here. We do understand and we will listen xxxx
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