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okay..so i decided to post my whole life story on here..i dont know if you guys will think that ive had it easy or whatever but i know its been hard as hell for me..so pretty much, the start of my problems came when i was born, well because i was alive and thats hell enough for me..well my life was pretty normal until elementery school where noone liked me cuz i was shy and fat and pretty much not the cool kid..and ever since i was young, i was very emotional and i would notice the kids who are popular compared to me, and i was nothing..that didnt really bother me for a while, because i had plenty of fake school friends who i thought were my friends for life but i was wrong, like i always am..then life pretty much went downhill withoout me knowing the pain of life..i think i woulda been fine with life if it hadnt been for me getting mmy first job and realizing that those people were my first real friends..so you think that all is happy and all..but i soon realized that they didnt care..i would get dissed for the littleest things like going bowling and stuff that wouldnt bother normal people, but im not fucking normal..and they forgot my birthday and just forgot that i existed eventually once i lost my job in january..and not to mention the rejection from girls..im the sweetest guy and one of the few guys in the world who would treat girls like they deserve..i would die or runaway or anything it takes to get a girlfriend..because thats all i really care about..and so i went through life spending every night alone doing nothing with noone calling me for months at a time, and if they do, they want something..and not me, obviously..so over this summer i got my real friend from joining this site..now youre all gonna judge me and say that internet friendships suck but fuck you if you feel that way..dont judge me..it means alot to me...she means everything to me, but i doubt she knows how much i care and how i want to save her and that i love her..shell never know..then she introduced me to this site which made me kinda happy because the people are nice and accepting..its kinda like a myspace thing..and on there i met a girl and i became her boyfriend..again, dont fuckin judge me..sorry, im paranoid..then i thought that was good until she dumped me 2 days later..she was everything to me and that happened last night so i wanted to kill mmyself and i did cut over her..i dont know why..she said i was obsessive..i admit i was a little crazy over her, but she was my first girlfriend..and she pretty much cut all contact off with me..i dont know why we cant be friends..how the fuck does anyone get women..they are soo hard to understand..so then today another person over myspace deletes me as a friend and blocks me and stopped talking to me..i dont know why again..so yea..you may think that im better off than some of you, which i might be, but yea..so thats my story..no friends to be with here in jersey, and very few close friends who live soo far away..and thats why i hate myself..and if you read this far, thank you..i know i probably wasted your time but whatever
Thanks for sharing your past with us, it must of been hard and it sounds like you've been thru some rough times.

No one here is gonna judge you for internet friendships, we all here feel very close to people here, we will not judge you for anything in your life, we're here to help not judge, remember that

take care of yourself

vikki x
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