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long long night

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its been a long long night already... i just wanna go to sleep, but screw that. im so tired, but at the rate things are going i'm gonna be lucky to even get 3 hours.... i'm so tired... i wish they would stop yelling... but i thought i didnt let it get to me as much anymore...

i'm so tired.... i badly need to :sleep: ...but i dont think it'll be tonight...



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Aww i'm sorry they're yelling and you can't sleep. Did you manage to get any sleep in the end? How you doing now? Maybe you could sneak in a little nap during the day sometime?

She woke me up at fricking 6.30 in the morning... which was like about two hours sleep... its so unfair. I'm not tired... yet. but its only 9am still. give it a few hours and I'll be dead tired again lol but i dont have much choice but to stick this day out. :dry:

thanks for your reply Jenny... :hug:

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