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Long Rant.

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by MiraWolf95, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. MiraWolf95

    MiraWolf95 Account Closed

    Why is it always me that gets dumped on? I would say its my personality but I really don't know. I have a '2 sides' personality, meaning that I'm Shy and Nice but also Loud and Rude. I guess its my appearance since people always say stuff to me in real life and whenever I use my picture online, I start getting the most hateful messages. None from this site though, however Yahoo and IMVU has a lot of mean people on there from my personal view. God I couldn't even answer a simple question like "Whens your birthday" on a public thread without getting trashed talked just now. What is wrong with people!? Its not like I answered in a way like "WHATS IT MATTER THIS IS SO DUMB." I simply answered "July 30th" and before I know it, I have people making fun of me for the dumbest reason.. That dumbest reason would be "OMG YOUR A NOOB FOR ONLY HAVING 197 POSTS". I was like "why does it matter?" and they are like "CAUSE IT JUST DOES YOU NOOB". What the heck? Thats still a lot. I'm sorry to those people that I can't spend 24/7 posting a lot online, I didn't have a computer when that site first got started and that I don't have over 1000 posts. No wait, as a matter of fact, I'm not sorry at all. I never got the point in the number of posts you have done thats shown publicly cause I don't think it should matter. I get scared to post a lot on that site anyways cause people are so mean. I mean do they really think they are being cool when they point out the littlest things like that? I bet you just about everything someones says to you over the computer they wouldn't say to your face cause I hear stuff online that nobody ever says to my face. They may think it but they don't got the guts to say it. They think they are so cool but I personally find them very lame. I will say this though, IMVU is the worst site when it comes to people like that. If you don't have your name bought on there, a ton of outfits/poses and stuff, you're gonna get trashed talk eventually somewhere public. I use to recommend that site to people but now I don't anymore. That site eats your wallet up, messes up your computer and can turn a person suicidal from careless remarks.

    It may sound like I'm overreacting about the Internet, but I'm not only treated bad online. It just so happens that I am more online. In real life though I'm told many remarks like "Why don't you act your age?", "Why don't you dress pretty like girls your age?", "Why don't you get a boyfriend?". Pointless remarks that shouldn't matter to anybody else other than myself. Yes its true I choose not to do as much as others my age do. I don't dress a certain way cause I'm self cautious and I don't like unwanted attention. I don't have a boyfriend because I haven't found the right guy yet. Pretty much all my relationships have been total bullshit. Either its lust or I'm just a 'backup person'. I don't do a lot of stuff other teens do since I'm a Loner and I try to keep my grades up so I can finish school and feel good about myself. I don't think my mother is proud of me though. Well shes about to have another daughter in 9 weeks so she will have someone to possibly feel proud about. I don't think she likes the fact that I look so much like my father and act so much like him. I know I also say and do stuff that I shouldn't, but still I think me being like my father is a main reason since hes also her ex husband. The way he left her wasn't pleasant, so I know it must be painful to have to look at me and be around me sometimes. She still loves me though, but still. She compares me to other people to much. I'll admit that I'm to soft and can't take jokes really well though. Like how me and a couple of friends were randomly talking about homeless people. I brought up that a family member of mine was homeless and he was the nicest guy and had dealed with so much in his life. One of my friends then said "Do you ever call him? Oh wait you can't can you?". That upsetted me so much but I just kept a poker face.

    What have I done to deserve all this? Is it just me? I guess so... but I needed me a good rant. This helped a lot. This site always helps me. This site also has the most nicest and coolest people from my point of view. I'm comfortable to be myself here.
  2. nolonger

    nolonger Well-Known Member

    These days I probly spend more time on SF than any other site on the net, including various stupid computer games I play :dry:. But I only have them open so when mum or someone walks by I can just maximise it and make it look as though I'm playing the same game 'as usual'.

    My sister actually 'plays' on IMVU. Or talk or what ever you do on that thing. I've never looked into it myself because I can't create a constant tidal wave of dialogue as other people can apparently do with ease.

    Why would people say crap to you when you use your pic other the net? It's usually one of the reasons why I stick to SF, because we're all going through the same kinda thing, people aren't fuck heads and there's no trolls/annoying people :laugh:.
  3. MiraWolf95

    MiraWolf95 Account Closed

    I agree, most people on here understand each other so there really isn't any trolls or annoying stuck up people. I've deleted most my accounts on other sites so I talk on here the most I think. I use to talk a lot on IMVU until I realized how many people are so fake and stuck up on there. I'm not saying everyone on there is cause I've met some awesome best friends on there that I've known for years now and we also talk on the phone and made videos for each other to prove we are real. On IMVU you can chat in like your own virtual world, play games, and talk on forums. Its actually pretty fun if its just you and your friends, but people can get so bleh on there and that site has so many errors that can aggravate you. Crashing is a major problem in the chats.
  4. Daijou

    Daijou Well-Known Member

    You haven't done anything to deserve any of the treatment.
    There will always be people out there who's entire goal is just to make others feel like sh*t.
    It's sad but true. Luckily we don't have any of them floating around SF, so I can easily understand you're feeling of safeness and security here.
    It also sounds like you're proud to be yourself, which is definitely more important than trying to live up to other people's standards.

    I'm on this site probably the majority of my browsing time as well, unless I'm playing poker on Facebook or reading the latest comics on a few other site.
  5. MiraWolf95

    MiraWolf95 Account Closed

    Yeah, some people just feel great about theirselves when they are mean to others. I use to be like that at a point in my life. I'm somewhat proud of myself a lil' because I think outside the box a lot. I like how cautious I am and I fear loosing that one day and becoming like everyone else. I'm trying to learn to accept myself cause I once use to hope for nothing but to meet peoples standards. I'm still ashamed of who I am though, but I deal with it cause I know I'm to scared to end it all.