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Long term effect of Anti-Depressant use???

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by girlofdestiny, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. girlofdestiny

    girlofdestiny New Member

    Hi guys.

    I was reading the thread about stopping Zoloft earlier and it has freaked me out a bit. I was on diff combos of mood stablisers and anti depressants 8 years. I was way over medicated by the time i decided to stop it all. Came off most of it last year Oct/Nov (a hell in itself). Taking only half a Cipralex at the moment but hoping to be off that soon too just doing it slowly.

    I just decided i didn't want to be drugged up for the rest of my life. For many reasons - that i was really tired/sleepy all the time and that you become emotionally 'flat' and can't drink much without having major blackouts and many others. I had forgotten my real personality. Plus you can't really tell if they are doing anything anyway and a drug can't change real life problems.

    Now been taking Fish Oil, 5HTP, Tryptophan, Tyrosine, DL-phenylaline, B Vitamins, other amino acids and about a million other vits and minerals my dad is giving me in an attempt to get my system functioning again (at huge cost to him :sad: ). So far i see no improvement.

    Since Sept been in my worst depression ever. (Started about 6 weeks before i stopped the meds). I don't know if i would have come out of it if i had stayed on the meds or not but right now i am really in the depths of despair. I really am not coping. A few people are trying to convince me to go back to the psych and get meds again or get hospitalised. (Luckily my dad who is into health and stuff is on my side for now)

    I just don't want to get drugged up again. My question is this - have i totally screwed up my system now so that it will never function normally without the meds? I just wish i had been better educated 10 years ago when i first got hit with this depression and had never taken any of these dodgy shrink cocktails in the first place :sad:

    Anyone with any info / suggestions / links or books to recommend on this i would be really grateful. Or does anyone know of anyone who came off meds after a long time and lived a normal life or not...?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. diver200

    diver200 Senior Member

    Don't know, but I share your concern. Sure would be nice to be med free. But I have a feeling you are right...we'll never be able to be med free again.... :( totally sux.
  3. girlofdestiny

    girlofdestiny New Member

    yeah it does... thanks for the reply. at least other ppl understand
  4. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I've been on antidepressants for the better part of the last ten years. I'm afraid to go off them cause I don't know how much more I could be depressed. I mean, I'm on a high dose of zoloft and STILL depressed, how much worse would it be without the meds? So I still take them and if I have to take them the rest of my life, I will. Whatever it takes to keep from going off the deep end.
  5. It's a terrific thing (a blessing) to have someone close to you that is truly on your side! And in so many ways that matter. That firstly makes me glad for you inspite of your terrible circumstances. I immediately thought of this website (just had to check if it's still up - it is):

    ("The Good, the Bad & The Funny of Neurological Medications")

    The fella that runs it is well informed (though not professional - which he doesn't claim!). But he's absolutely been through the wringer - the whole nine yards (with various mental and physical concurrent disorders) - and writes rather sardonically (funny) in a lot of his comments. I don't think there's much that you couldn't find there, including Google links as well (and I believe there's some kind of a forum on there too). Hope it helps some. You sound very proactive - and that's often more than half the battle...

    Last edited: Mar 23, 2008
  6. ToHelp

    ToHelp Well-Known Member

    For the record.. new developments on the ToHelp front.

    Contrary to my resignation to "likely stay on Zoloft for life, having acquired a secondary neurochemical dependence caused by long-term usage of the drug itself, I now have embarked on a 9 to 12 month journey of kicking the stuff.

    Hopefully it works; all the anti-psychiatry sites like paxilprogress.org/ (they have a wonderful motto: You are enough. You are your soluion) have members with stories just as serious as mine (we're talking some 12, 13 years here) who have successfully left them behind -- for good and for the better. :)

  7. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    for me, the long term effects of anti depressant use, if I were to go off them for any length of time, would be suicide or some sort of "accident". I'm afraid of being off my anti depressants, as I don't want to know how much worse I can feel...:blink::sad:

    to me, the long term effects of anti depressant use is... not feeling as depressed... is that wrong, to want that??
  8. ThoseEmptyWalls

    ThoseEmptyWalls Well-Known Member

    I have been on medication for the better part of the past 8 years.. Im off it now, against the urging of doctors, family, and friends.. Im not at a good level of function right now.. I feel my mind refuses to work without the medication, an addiction to the bloody junk.. I also dont want to be dooped up the rest of my life.. Im not sure what to do.
  9. ToHelp

    ToHelp Well-Known Member

    Why hello Zorro :hiya:
    (CRIKEY that hiya :hiya: wave smiley still CREEPS me out but we have nothing better. :mad: lol.)

    "I had forgotten my real personality. Plus you can't really tell if they are doing anything anyway and a drug can't change real life problems."

    Right you so are; SO right you are. I have vascillated over the past several weeks and have alas returned to a surrender mentality "All right. You got me"; that likely I'll be on these things for the rest of my life.

    My psych. and I recently put heads together and agreed to Wellbutrin XL, full 300 mg therapeutic level to augment the Zoloft (100 mg), both AM po, which translates one of each in the morning.

    The vitamin/amino acid approach is really money down the drain, my friend. It has been repeatedly established 1) that they have extremly minimal-to-no psychoactive or "compensatory benefits" you're looking for; e.g. as precursors to the three important neurotransmitters upon which ADs work; 2) that 5-HT [5-hydroxytryptamine] powder (or caps) and "GABA in a can," marketers' favorite serotonin and benzo replacements respectively have a mininal ability to breech the blood-brain barrier (read: very expensive, placebo effect maybe, otherwise all but impotent); and 3) that so many of these vitamins listed (famously, all of the B-complex) are, if you'll forgive, summarily pissed down the drain. The body uses what it needs - nothing more. (Nothwithstanding important minerals like calcium for women later in life, but there again - these supplements are compensating for genuine SHORTAGES.)

    They have actually done measurements of before-and-after ingestion of longheld-venerable name-brands like One A Day and Centrum and found figures like 90%-95% of the stuff unconjugated or unused in any way in the participants' urine.

    By no means must you take my word for any of this. Google "Dr. Edell" and vitamins or any NON commercial site that's not peddling these things, and you learn that vitamins have their proper place -

    - in under-nourished, very poor populations.

    Any regular diet in the U.S. provides all you need. Anything *over* that amount is simply eliminated in your pee.

    My advice - take my advice (lol) and *at least* save your pop all that money. :cool:

    * * * * * ​
    "I really am not coping. A few people are trying to convince me to go back to the psych and get meds again or get hospitalised."

    Gotta do something Zorro... I don't have the answer. A change up of meds might *snap* bring you right back to feeling ok. I've had this happen.

    "Or does anyone know of anyone who came off meds after a long time and lived a normal life or not...?"

    YES. Far be from me to suggest the situation is hopeless. Stories abound of people who - through great determination, care, and.... (and probably a nice dollop of stubborness lol) have licked these things for good.

    Hey Least. :hug: NO - it's not wrong.

    EmptyWalls -
    A careful, "deliberate" return to ADs with the right psychiatrist who actually understands and respects your wishes might turn the tide for you. You guys could work together after becoming stabilized and try *properly* (at a slow rate) to see if you can leave this junk behind.

  10. LostMyMind

    LostMyMind Well-Known Member

    www.askapatient.com is a good site to check out, medication side effects are listed there and reviews by actual patients, people taking the medication.