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Long time ago.......

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Been almost a year since I have been here. Holidays are upon us and today I am so blue. The friends I do have depend on me and I can't seem to spread myself to please everybody. Yet nobody has any concern about my welfare. I was so fortunate enough to get into relationships but its so hollow to realize they have never even asked how MY day was. Tonight I rid myself of all this baggage and in return I find myself riddled with feelings of guilt for wanting what I want from life. I feel trapped and obligated for things I never discussed. I don't know how to say no. I only know how to be passive and give in.
Its the holidays soon and I am being told how to spend Thanksgiving. i booted her ass out and in return am spread with feelings of guilt.
Life does bite and I do my best.

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Hi hun good you are reaching out here hun if to just vent a bit. No one should be told what to do hun perhaps asked yes I hope you too can talk and work something out hugs
hey, you should be more assertive. it will leave you living a happier life and your friends will value your input better. check some youtube videos and google 'become more assertive' it can be a life changing skill. the trick is to state clearly what you want without becoming aggressive, its okay to put your foot down.


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It ia difficult getting rid of the baggage in your life, you question if you are doing the right thing and worried how upset they would be etc. But no one should be told what to do and how to live their life. You have a done a brave strong thing and have done what is right foe YOU!!! And that is what is important. The feelings of guilt will lift in a couple of weeks.

I am sorry you are feeling bad and have had to return here but I am glad you are using us to reach out for help and support. Xxx
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