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Lonliness consuming me

Legate Lanius

Try not to kill yourself 2020 challenge.
Why stop it? Why would you not want to experience loneliness? Investigate if loneliness is something that you have to escape, or if you can be super-badass and live with the burning pain.
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Lost are only those who abandon themselves
No, it isnt pathetic at all, as the others have said. Sorting out and eradicating, if possible, the loneliness and isolation, could well be one of the first building blocks to rebuilding your life.

It'll help to foster a sense of belonging and worth, like youre part of something. And give you a place of comfort and support.

Hopefully, in the interim period, you will feel comfortable leaning on us, to a point. No-one here minds at all. Its what we're here for, in fact.

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