Lonliness is a drag

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by music_addict, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. music_addict

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    Seriously, it is. Every weekend i sit on my ass in my apartment while the rest of the world is out having fun. Its not fucking fun. I just sit around and get fucked up till i pass out. Drugs and alcohol are pretty much my only friend at this point. but thats no way to go through life. Fuck i hate myself, my social inadiquacies, and my addictive personality.
    If I just had one person i could hang out with and talk with, then everything would be so much more bearable. but, alas, the universe seems to think it funny when I fail at everything. Its not fair; all those other people who have all kinds of friends. Fuck them and their popularity.
    It feels like everything is collapsing around me and i dont know how to escape it. It's times like this when I sorely wish that bastard hadnt "saved" me on my first attempt. Everything is pain. nothing will ever be fucking right!
  2. Jenny

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    Hi there,

    I hear you. When i lived alone i found weekends so awful.. it's like all week at work i'd look forward to the weekend and some time off.. but as soon as the weekend came, i'd wish it to be over. I hated hearing people outside having fun.. people to be with.. etc etc.

    Are there any groups you could join that meet on a weekend? I mean like doing a course, or a sport?

    I used to plan nice things for myself at weekends, like going shopping. Luckily i can keep myself occupied for most of the day when i go shopping so that used to help.. although i do agree it would have been so much nicer to go shopping with someone else rather than alone.

    But maybe give joining a few groups a try? You never know who'll you meet :)
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    I want to add to this, that you can also join forums, such as this one, and meet up with people who live close by. Theres lots of ways to meet people, you just gotta look. Once you find someone you can connect with, life will feel a lot better, I promise.:biggrin:
  4. Jenny

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    That's a good point.. it does help to join forums etc online. :)

    It'sAllTooMuch, i hope you're doing ok, and got through the weekend in one safe piece