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  1. whynot

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    I'm turned on by just about every woman I interact with on a daily basis. I'm starting to get desperate actually. What do you suicidal and severely depressed people do to counteract these emotions (aside from the obvious masturbation)

    Is it typically easy to find sexual partners online? I haven't even tried since I was younger (and the women were often not very attractive)
  2. Robin

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    I had a stressful breakup before I lost the ability to cope so it kind of discoloured me from dating again, now I kinda think that I'm not really ready for a relationship, maybe the breakup did me a favour in that respect. I do get lonely from time to time but I had to admit to myself a while ago that I had to conetrate on me for the time being before I go out to seek love, kinda like learning to love yourself before expecting anyone else to love you first.
  3. Fatman1966

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    I'ld go with Robins advice.

    Try to relax, take sometime to get to know yourself, sounds stupid, but it can help, it hard for others to like you, if you don't really like yourself.

    People that are too wound up in there own issues, often say thngs that they think are funny or cute (in a slightly twisted kind of way), but to the person hearing it, is often just plain scarey, I catch myself doing it from time time.

    On the women front, don't try too hard, women are people too, not sex objects, again relax, be yourself, get to know them, find things you have in common, they need to like you for who you are, if they don't, then thats ok to, you can still be friends, keep on trying, half the world is made up of women after all.
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    I'm more in the relationship/emotional boat more then sexual, but here's what I do to make myself feel better.

    1. slight flirting, in my case just sitting near a woman, smelling her perfume, etc. will calm me and make me feel less lonely (sounds pathetic, huh?)

    2. day dreaming, without my day dreams i would probably think alot more about my anxieties and lack of social relationship.

    if all you're looking for is sex then www.craigslist.com or some other sex-relation personals site