Looking After You

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  1. Twocky61

    Twocky61 Banned Member

    Claire I will always look after you
    That as you know is nothing new
    As long as we are together
    And also beyond further
    I promise I will do

    What is mine is yours you know
    Wherever you wish to go
    Anything your sweet heart desires
    Anything you require
    You know

    Cost no object
    Even a Lear jet
    Whatever you want
    At the font
    There is nothing you I wont let
  2. Twocky61

    Twocky61 Banned Member

    Claire you prefer to stay at home
    Not leaving the comfortable dome
    I have to drag you out kicking and screaming
    With a little bit of scheming
    But when you are out you are happy to come

    You have over a thousand friends on Facebook
    Anyone can see & have a look
    But how many can you meet in town?
    For coffee & cake and tan so brown
    We picnic by the brook

    The longer we are together
    I release your tether
    Bring you out of yourself
    Pull you off your shelf
    Whatever the weather

    Remember that trip in the Cessna 'plane?
    In the pouring rain
    You did not want to fly
    You did not even want to try
    But in the end you went up & again

    After we landed on the ground
    Your eyes were big & round
    You came out of your shell
    I used to call you Brian the snail
    Worth every pound

    Claire why do you worry about your weight?
    You are gorgeous to date
    Cuddly is the word
    Like a bird
    You I rate
  3. Twocky61

    Twocky61 Banned Member

    We also went parachuting
    I wanted bunjee jumping
    You were scared of both sports
    You were out of sorts
    But you went from my bumping

    I pushed you out
    You gave a shout
    But we jumped tandem
    You were such a gem
    You never showed any doubt

    After we landed on the grass
    You hit me bold as brass
    Told me you were scared witless
    But enjoyed it regardless
    I never heard the last

    I think it was after then
    Out you finally came
    Out of your tortoise shell
    From you inner hell
    With no shame

    You now tell me more
    Of your life before
    Before we met
    When you let
    Me through your door

    I still find it hard to cope
    When you tell me all your lost hope
    When you were scared for your life
    Being his wife
    But now nope

    So now with me you are safe
    Your life is your own faith
    I want you to be happy
    Not have a life that is crappy
    At your own pace

    So lets get married
    Don't look so worried
    It is you I want
    Don't say I can't
    Over the threshold you will be carried
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