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  1. ThornThatNeverHeals

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    Looking back I see what is gone
    Looking back I see what wasn't won
    Seeing this makes me cry
    From looking back at the wasted life

    Looking back I lose so much hope
    Looking back and seeing what I didn't know
    But now much has been learnt
    From looking back at all the hurt

    Looking back I see the mistakes
    Looking back to where I learned to hate
    The ignored sleepless nights and dreams
    From looking back at what she did to me

    Looking back makes me realize
    And looking back again must I
    To find what had my spirit killed
    I'm looking back to try to be healed

    Looking back now I know
    That looking back brings no hope
    Now is the time to turn my head
    Instead of looking back I must look ahead
  2. pisces1

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