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    not sure if anyone can help me or not, but i'll try....

    a couple of years ago, someone shared with me a really inspirational peace about this guy who took a young lady out to lunch- and when she ordered the rich dessert, the guy asks... well why?. then she told him in poetry form about how you should get the best out of life while you still can.

    the other one, is about this old woman in a taxi who requests to be driven the long way round- it turns out she's going to a nursing home and when she arives they meet her, and put her in a wheelchair then shut the door of the home.

    i know it's not much to go on, but i'd love to be able to find these to share with others- anyone know what i'm talking about?. not really much to go on as i say, but i'm hoping *crosses fingers*
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    hey thanks!

    was wondering if that was enough to go on

    that's great..