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looking for a way out

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im so depressed, i feel like i have nothing to look forward to. I'm enlisted in the marines and i want to get out so bad, i've only been in for 7 months,but i can't deal with it anymore. I want to just leave, but i know it is a crime and the police will be looking for me. and i definitively don't want to go to jail. Enlisting is the biggest mistake in my life, i feel like im going insane. Nobody here understands me. We are supposed to be all rough and tough and feel no emotions, but i'm just not like that. All this time i thought it would get better as time went on, but i only feel worse as each day goes by. I'm to the point where i know i have to end it, but i dont know how or when. I wanted to do it last night, but i just couln't. please help me i feel like no matter what i do, my life is going to be miserable.


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Do they not have mental counseling there? I'm sorry that I have no knowledge about the military. I have unfortunatly heard of many suicides happening in the armed forces, how hard it is in there. Its worse because as you said, your supposed to be all rough and tough and never show weakness, so many never seek out the help they need for their emotional mental problems. I really hope you can go out and seek it, I'm sure the Marines have counseling programs do they not?


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vic seriously I advise you to go to who's in charge and tell them exactly how you feel pour everything out tell them exactly what's going on.If you cant take it anymore it's not your fault you must speak to someone and now please!
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