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Looking for advice on getting a better sleep


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I take night meds, but they don't seem to be working. No matter what time I go to sleep I wake up 3 or so hours later and spend the rest of the night dozing in my chair.

This is driving me batty and has been going on for months. Anyone have any good suggestions besides talk to your doctor, because I have.

Thanks, Angie


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I have found eating turkey or drinking warm milk to be helpful.

Do you take meds every night? I stopped my trazadone for a while because it was not helping. I am taking it when I need it now and so far it seems to be working.

What about prazosin? I think it helps me stay asleep.


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It sucks but staying away from laptop, TV, and phone screens for a few hours before bed will help your body naturally produce melatonin. Worth a shot if you haven't tried it yet


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- My husband takes Melatonin, it helps him. (He's a terrible sleeper).
- I sleep in a different room, so I don't bother him if I'm awake and restless in the middle of the night. That peace of mind makes awake times more restful.
- I play boring games, or read a boring book to make my brain shut up. I have trained myself, saying, "this game is so mind-numbing. I'm getting sleepy..."
- Bedtime routine helps.
- I came across an article about "2nd sleep" that suggests that people used to sleep for a while, then wake up and think or read, then go back to sleep for 2nd sleep. I've decided this is true, because it makes it less upsetting to be up.
- I tell myself that laying still, kinda pretending to sleep, is almost as good as sleeping. which makes it more restful, and I often fall asleep.
- When it's been weeks of not-long-enough-stretches of sleep, I see my acupuncturist. He's amazing. Then I sleep. I saw him last week, and he said that I should not worry as much about the short periods of sleep. We can get to a meaningful sleep cycle within a few hours. But we do heal better if we sleep better, so it's good to look for solutions.
- I had bad insomnia after a broken ankle, had sleep deprivation symptoms that were scary... I found a few stations of music designed for sleep that helped me rest, even if I wasn't sleeping. There are some that even tap into brainwaves to help.

Maybe if I keep writing you'll get so bored you doze off. ;-)
I've found that when my mind is restless I generally tend to wake up a lot, or not be able to sleep at all. If you feel like there are things you need to do you'll end up subconsciously not allowing yourself to sleep so try reassuring yourself that everything can wait and will turn out alright if that's the case with you as well.
Scented oils or incense can help, lavender is said to be particularly calming.
Warm milk or tea, or warm liquids in general will also do the trick sometimes.
I've read that it's best to sleep in a colder room with thick covers for uninterrupted sleep, but I can't confirm this helps since the heating is ridiculous here so it's always warm :")
Make sure to air out the room as well, and try to do a bit of light exercise an hour or two before going to bed.
As Paisley said, try to stay away from screens 2-3 hours before bed.
Draws also gave some good advice.
Try to go to bed at a regular time each day, and give your body enough time to digest food before going to sleep, as your digestion slows down considerably during sleep and your stomach bothering you might interrupt the much-needed rest.
Try listening to some calming music, but make sure the volume is very low, as what seems quiet after a loud and busy day sometimes seems super loud during the calm, quiet night hours and can instead end up waking you up if you've a light sleep.
And I agree on trying Melatonin pills, it's helped me a lot.
Keep in mind our bodies build a resistance to medication over time so if you've been taking the same sleeping pills for a while try changing those.
Hope some of these help~


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Sleep study was my first suggestion. It was not til recently the neurologists office got two more Neurologists onboard to their practice that is trained in sleep issues. I was immediately

Apparently this is a growing trend now that sleep study does have its purpose. To find out why one does not sleep well. I have an appointment next week for the interpretation of mine and what's going on.

If that is not an option, people have to cycle out their sleep medication 4 weeks on one sleep aid and 4 weeks on a different one then switch back to first one etc...its how its kept effective

Another thing caffine is to nix it few hours before you go to sleep (a tip I picked up from the sleep study brochure)

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