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Looking for advice please

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I'm serverly depressed, multiple surgerys, chronic pain, need help GP prescribed anti deppreants and told be to contact a pyschiatrist, called multiple Docs explaining my position and the urgency of the situation the earliest appoitment is 1 week for physcoligist then another month and a half for Phycatrist, they say if its an emergency I should go to the ER, If I do that I know they will hold me for 72 hours that will put me over the edge, just trying to get help seems nobody cares might as well check out now.

Anyone have any thoughts on this before its too late



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Greetings, Marco! It's a pleasure to meet you! I feel for you, although unfortunately I don't know what else to say. However, I look forward to what others have to say. :hug: Sending hugs your way and welcoming you to SF...Mr. A


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My thoughts would be to go to ER.
The 72 hour thing would suck but it may rush things along in terms of getting help.
I think a lot of services are on waiting type lists but when someone is in hospital they might get prioritized...just a thought....not sure if it would happen or not.

You can talk here.
I've learned people here are very kind and supportive.


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Hi, Marco. I'm sorry you're having a really rough time right now. :hug: If you are acutely suicidal it's a good idea to go to the hospital where they will keep you safe. (Where I live, that doesn't always mean they keep for a three-day lock up.)

Are there crisis teams where you live? Perhaps you could get in touch with them and explain your situation - the long wait until regular appointments are set up with psychologist and pdoc. The crisis teams in my area make housecalls, phonecalls, and the like to check up on people. Perhaps that would tide you over until things are in place for you.

And keep posting here, because there are lots of supportive people who are happy to listen. I hope you feel better soon. Please stay safe! :hug:

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Hun the will only hold you 72 hours if you are immediate danger hun Go to hospital okay talk to a pdoc there get assessed right away and on meds right away no one will lock you up unless you say you are going to harm yourself right away hugs


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My suggestion would be to go to the ER, the 72 hours really is not that bad, I have been there 5 times now.

You will find you get to address your problems with a psychiatrist and most of the time therapists.

I find in a time of need the hospital really helps, you just need to be open and willing for their advice.
Thanks everyone, sorry to be a pain but I still have a couple of questions for you all , i REALLY DONT WONT TO <mod edit:*sparkle* methods>.

Whats a crisis team how to I get in touch with them, If I go to the ER will I see a physcatrrist who might be able to start me on meds, as I guess if there is not one there they will lock me up, could I call them up first and explain my situation

I appreciate all your help and compassion ( if they lock me up it will put me over the edge )

Sorry again

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Hi marco

I'm not in u.s. Not sure where you are.
A crisis team here would talk to you on the phone and meet with you if necessary and go from there.
I'm in Las Vegas NV,

I dont believe that the ER Docs have a Physc DR on staff if anyone knows differently please let me know




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I am in the U.S. also, if you call the hospital they will give you advise to go into the hospital.
If you state you are suicidal they will put you on a 72 hour hold.
You will meet with a psychiatrist that most likely will put you on meds, you do not have to take them but they are just doing it in your best interest.
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