looking for anti anxiety meds to suggest to my doctor

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    hey there. i'm currently on 40mg fluoxetine which is supposed to treat my depression and anxiety. lately i've been getting really bad intense panic attacks and discussed being out on meds specifically aimed at anxiety. she doesn't want to put me on any addictive drugs but beta blockers have a bad interaction with fluoxetine. any suggestion ? thank you !
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    I am not a medical professional so I will just share my experiences with anxiety meds.

    The anti depressant sertraline (zoloft) also treats anxiety and it works great on my anxiety, it takes the edge off.

    I took xanax(alprazolam) for a good number of years, it's a drug you do not want to try, it is highly addictive and I was getting withdrawal symptoms between each dose. It did initially help my anxiety but in the end caused more issues than it was worth. It took 5 months of weaning off until I was ''clean'' of it.

    I now take valium (diazepam), i'm on a hefty dose at 30mg a day, it greaty helps improve my mood and lifts the anxiety, I do still get anxiety but the valium curbs most of it.

    Lyrica (pregabalin) is a mood stabiliser and is great for anxiety, it has a fast onset of action (you don't usually have to wait weeks for it to work), it is brilliant. I prefer it over the ''addictive'' ones any day, i'm on the maximum dose , 600mg a day.

    Zyprexa, which is an anti psychotic and great for anxiety works well for me too, i take between 20-30mg a night which is a massive dose but my doctor is happy enough with me taking it. It improves my mood too and makes me a bit drowsy which is why I take it at night.

    Mirtazapine (remeron) known as the sedating anti depressant worked wonders for me when I was on it, it is usually taken at night time because it helps with sleep issues too. I used to be on it and say over and over again it was the drug that pulled me out of my depression. It was the second most prescribed anti depressant in the US in 2011.

    I wish you the best of luck in finding the right medicine for you.
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    Venlafexine (effexor) is a good anxiety med to take daily. Takes a while to work. Ativan is a good tranquilizer to take as needed. It really works well for me, but care needs to be taken as it is addictive.
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    A lot of anti depressants help lessen the symptoms of anxiety but it only works on the physical effects of anxiety, not the cause. A combination of therapy designed to tackle anxiety with medication is the best combination to get rid of your anxiety for good. You don't want to be in the position of solely relying on medications to relieve your symptoms of anxiety because it doesn't tackle the route cause and after a while medication becomes ineffective.