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Practical Advice Looking for reliable details about NPOs (Non-profit organizations)


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I keep finding myself wishing I knew a better way to try to learn about NPOs. I am hoping that one or more of our site members know of some good detailed listings of the NPOs, and will see this thread. I live in the US, so NPOs that have a physical presence in the US are preferred, but I am not ruling out helping one that allows remote work from another country. Let me elaborate on what I am asking for.

In order to attempt to feel there is more meaning to my life, instead of as close to zero as possible without being zero maybe, one of my strategies I started taking seriously several years back was to stop working for companies that just want to make $$$$ (read: 99% of companies), and find a place that makes an impact in the world that I feel is good according to my rules/ethics/feelings/whatever. I have tried to research and find some off and on, but ran into problems.

I have found some sites that will list as many as several hundred that are active in one area, but have no information about each one. I went through one of these and tried looking up any that sounded potentially like something I would want to be a part of. However I couldn't find a suitable match. Part of the reason is that I found that often there just wasn't enough information on an organization's site (if I could even find one). Other sites have a little description about each organization, but list only 10 or 20 organizations, and I quickly go through it.

Ideally there is something out there which has not only a humongous list of NPOs but maybe is a categorized list, where you could see orgs that do different kinds of work. For instance there might be 'animals' or 'education' categories for groups that work with those topics.

If you know of anything remotely like what I am looking for, please let me know! Thanks in advance.
Rather than looking for non-profits, and then seeing if you can work for them, you might want to look for non-profits that might hire you, then pick one that you like the best.

A search for "non-profit jobs" will turn up listings.


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May thanks you for your input.

It's been a long time since I tried that so I am trying that right now. Will let you know how it goes.


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I have been looking through NPO job listings but it has been slow (blame: depression). I plan to keep looking at it for the coming weeks at least to get a feel of what is out there.

Charity Village is exactly the type of site I was looking for. I think I found a site that serves a similar role for the USA. It is created by an NPO, 'Candid', that gathers information about NPOs (woah my brain). The link is below.


I will dig through both avenues and hopefully find something. I appreciate your help.

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