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Looking for some friends

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by miathermopolis, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. miathermopolis

    miathermopolis New Member

    Hey all,
    My name is mia. Im new here. just giving it a whirl.
    about me..hmmm. i am a artist, musician, poet, counselor, athlete.

    I need some people that ain gonna dip out on me. Even if yall are over the internet, you might be the only support I have! so feel free to add/follow. However this thing works. look forward to meeting yall!

    post with an interesting fact about you!~
  2. Walker

    Walker Everything Zen Staff Member Safety & Support SF Social Media SF Supporter

    Heya, Mia
    I'm Matt. I like art and music and writing but master none of these. I dig hockey and the cold. I work in a mens maximum prison on nights and spend my down time here. I live in the States. Where are you?
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  3. Innocent Forever

    Innocent Forever Go as long as you can. And then take another step. Chat Pro SF Supporter

    I'm a twin with a boy. (is that interesting enough?)
  4. sleeplessnights

    sleeplessnights Well-Known Member

    welcome to the forums... i am a collector... usually Supergirl or Star Wars items...
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  5. Walker

    Walker Everything Zen Staff Member Safety & Support SF Social Media SF Supporter

    Hey there, it looks like you've been back since you posted this. You still hanging around somewhere? How's it going?
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  6. frostheaved

    frostheaved Earned Toady

    I am learning how to play the ukulele. I use a pineapple uke. I'm not very good yet...

    I've played piano in the past so I know how to read notes.

    Welcome to SF, though I'm new too. Er.
  7. Mremptyinside

    Mremptyinside Well-Known Member

    OMG ! sorry wait ^^ order:
    1. @frostheaved Tanaka-kun is one of my most beloved animes =3 thx for some good emotions seeing that pic
    2. hi @miathermopolis im a logic thinker and strategist who loves detail, plays chess and collects pictures. (even draw from time to time) Its nice to meet you =)
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  8. gypsylee

    gypsylee SF Supporter

    Hi @miathermopolis and welcome :)

    I have two Bearded Dragons (lizards) called Phoenix and Fang :cool:
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  9. Anonymous25

    Anonymous25 New Member

    Hi Mia. Also new here. Also very much into music. I even sing, but unfortunately to ashamed to do something with my voice, other than getting vocal lessons.
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  10. Sevven

    Sevven Well-Known Member

    Haha Mia Thermopolis. Maybe if Julie Andrews was my grandma I wouldn't be sad.
    I started picking up road kill and making stuff like this. 20180326_143150.jpg I hope I can make a bunch and start to sell them. I also plan to sell tie dye on the road. I guess my other interesting fact is I live on the road in a school bus. I'm a "rubber tramp."
  11. Heartwarmer

    Heartwarmer Well-Known Member

    I am freaskishly good at reenacting movie scenes. I've written some poems myself. I sing, play guitar, run, am going into mental health as a profession, and am in school right now.
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  12. Winter Blues

    Winter Blues SF Supporter

    Hi @miathermopolis .. I’m from the UK .. currently in hospital posting from under the sheets with a dead torch! I love my dogs, running, motorbikes and this site. Welcome - hoping to see you around xx
  13. Heartwarmer

    Heartwarmer Well-Known Member

    But I really love penpalling. Send a personal message my way if you'd like.