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Looking for someone who has lost a child..


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I uh...im a little panicked right now, so i apologize if this seems confusing. Uh...i havent been here in years. but i used to use this site every day to keep myself going...just one more day. Ive been raped, abused, lots of not fun shit. then i moved in with my Mom again...and her husband turned out to be a pedofile who raped me every day and beat the fuck outta me, tried to shove me in a furnace once...idk im sorry if this is ranting...but isnt all of that enough?! I went through 17 years of hell, of wanting nothing more then to die...and then...they took my baby. My son, my little Jesse. I was 5 and a half months pregnant...and i went into labor and he died. and...i dunno what to do. this was a year ago, i have no one to talk to, i cant talk to my husband. someone please...just...someone else who has lost a child. i cant breathe, i need help, i need someone to talk to...just...god...please.


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Well...um...5 views and no responses is slightly...disheartening. was hoping to get at least one before i logged off for the night..oh well. guess i'll continue this later, thanks for reading

I maybe shouldn't be answering this at all because I haven't... and I know you want someone who can really know what you've been through, someone to relate to... but I read the things you said and I couldn't just leave without saying anything. I'm so sorry for everything you've had to go through. It's so unfair that some people have the worst things happen to them over and over. None of these things have happened to me, and I know I'm not the type of person you need right now... but if you come online and you need someone to talk to, I'm always here to do so... if you answer me and want me to, I'll answer back. If you want to write some more about it, or talk about something else. Sometimes (at least for me, when everything becomes too much) writing helps, even if it's just something to do for a while. :)
It's been almost twenty years ago, that my (EX)wife n' I lost a child. We went for her monthly pre-natal exam. When the OB did the exam to check for the baby's heartbeat, he couldn't find it. The culmination of that appointment was that the baby had just dissolved. The medical community calls it a 'spontaneous abortion' but that doesn't make the pain any better. My (EX)wife on the other hand wasn't phased by what happened, almost like nothing had happened.


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I lost my little one Alex at 12 weeks in April 2010. I never got to find out if I was having a beautiful little boy or a little girl. I understand exactly how you feel, the loss of a child is never an easy thing to go through. I never sought help afterwards but now I wish I had of. I have an earth baby now. She is 4 months now but we always talk about little Alex. Things will get better and you need to stay strong.


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I am especially sorry for your loss, but also all the torture and misuse you suffered .

I'm sorry I missed this thread earlier, as I would have responded. My experience is nowhere near yours - my wife (and I) suffered 2 miscarriages, and the loss and dsiappointment, the loss of so many hopes and dreams for the future, was devastating.

Some people kind of understood, but others were like "Well, it wasn't a REAL baby", so they didn't understand the very real grief that is involved and can be present for a long time. Not only were we grieving the child now, but also the future child - the first tooth, first words, learning to walk, to ride a bike, sleepovers with friends,All those things that would now never happen.

Welcome back to the forum, even under such circumstances. we care.

Please keep posting (((hugs)))
Hi Songie

i am so sorry you lost your little one too. i saw your reply on my thread

it is heartbreaking, and no matter how you word it, it will never do justice to describe the pain, torture and emotions which follow losing your little one
no matter how, why, or when ,
i am sending strength to you, i am here for you

i am in the same boat, and need help myself, but if there is anything i can do
please just say
i cant talk to my partner either, he seems to be coping better than ever, in fact, he doesnt even mention her anymore

its not easy to live with on your own,

i am praying for you

and i hope the angels give you the strength you need, for you to heal slowly,

i ask for them to be with you now, comfort you
when you feel alone and you are missing Jesse


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