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It's been years since I last held a job or even looked for one. Been leeching off my family for long and suicidal thoughts have come to me as a means to end my useless life. I have problems communicating and school life had been tortuous that I dropped out of school and holed up at home. Only at my parents insistence that I worked, they are service-oriented jobs which I can only find due to my low education and never did last long. The longest being only miserably 6 mths.

I feel ashamed of living off my parents at my age and having Social Anxiety (self-diagnosed). Never been to the doc as I'm afraid of even the thought of talking to counselors and I feel I may not open up to them.
It's been on my mind for days that if I feel uncomfortable in service-oriented and fast-pace working environment, that I should look for jobs different from that. The most important thing for now is that if I find a job, it will get me out of the house and keep me occupied away from those suicidal thoughts which are becoming increasingly real.

Today, I finally sent out my resume to a few jobs that I feel suited to my personality. It's really been years since I hold a job and the very idea of it is making me shake in my boots. I have no idea of how the working society looks like and how I can survive in it. It takes immense courage and I'm hoping that I will hear some good news soon. I'm here because I will very much loved to have some support. This is my one more shot at life.


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Hi and welcome...it is so admirable that you are looking for work that would better suit you. I hope ppl respond positively to your resume. Please let us know what happens. Welcome again


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Welcome to the forums,, Have you thought about finding a job driving fork lift.. They aren't that hard to operate and the pay is somewhat good..


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It's been years since I last held a job or even looked for one...
I can relate-focus on a job that you think will make you happy. If you are averse to people, find a job where you don't interact that much with them.

If you want a higher level job or one that pays better then take a course or program.

I think the best thing you can do for yourself, mental health and for your parents is to find decent steady work.

I'm actually struggling with that right now also...where I am, there's not too many good opportunities and a lot of competition.

That's depressing enough but I've squandered a lot of years chasing some foolish goals and I'm almost 40 now.

There are still some great things I hope to experience before I leave this planet and that's why I carry on but some days it just doesn't feel worth the effort.

In my case I have some family to look after and if I wasn't around, they'd end up in a terrible situation. So until I know they'll be ok without me, I couldn't even consider ending my life.

Anyways once you get some money coming in, do some traveling, date, etc your perspective on life will improve.

Try to not dwell too much on yourself and your problems and focus instead on finding work and you won't feel as down/suicidal, imo.

My life used to be good until about 5 years ago, due to some bad decisions on my part, I let things get worse and the biggest mistake I made in the past few years was not having a job. Hopefully I'll find some work soon and that will change things dramatically.

Life really is what you make it and it's easy for us to wallow in our own misery. It takes hard work to change things so if you want to find happiness, you can but you'll have struggle until you get it.

I'll add that I should hopefully be moving soon from the terrible apartment I'm living in (with a neighbor from hell-who is the main reason for our moving) now to a better one-the next won't be great but it'll be better than where I'm at now.

Then when I find work my family member and I will be able to afford something much better.

If you saw the person I was 10 years ago and now you'd be shocked at the difference in my life...but it's entirely my fault and I hope to get back to the place I once was at, if not above it.

Seriously, I have a certain strength and resiliency that keeps me going, but I know most people if they were in my shoes would've probably ended their life a long time ago because it's been a very hard struggle with very little reward.

I'm just hoping that once I get a decent job, live in a home I like then other things will work out for me. If by the time I'm 50, I'm still struggling like I am today, I will probably end it.


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hello onemore, welcome to SF.. good luck with finding a job that you can do and feel somewhat comfortable in.. social anxiety is a real mental illness for sure.. therapy and meds changed my life so much for the better.. they might do the same good for you... best wishes , Jim
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