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Looking for support

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Hi, there.

My name is Ellen and I'm addicted to suicide. I'm writing from a partial hospital program in Westwood, MA. I've been here for over a month. Before this, I was an inpatient at xxx psych ward for a month and before that, I was at xxx ER. I'm 53 and for most of my life, I haven't seen a reason for being alive. I've tried to kill myself four times now; most recently I came very close to succeeding. I used to have a successful life and now I've lost everything. The good folks here at the hospital tell me I need to live and I'm working on reasons to believe them. For now, I've promised not to harm myself. I'm hoping to find other people to connect with who can sort of identify.




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Hi and welcome...I am so sorry you have been through so much...many of us here struggle with finding the light in the darkness...that is why we come together...to provide understanding and a sense of belonging...welcome again, and I hope you find the support and comfort you are looking for here...big hugs, and so glad you have promised to walk away from SH...J


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Hiya Ellen. I hope you can find the much needed support you are looking for here. If you ever need someone to talk to, my pms will always be open to you. I hope you get well soon.


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Hi Ellen, Welcome to the forums..I think you made a wise choice coming here.. There are so many of us who are/have gone thru what you are dealing with.. Don't be afraid to jump in with both feet.. The peeps here are very friendly..


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Welcome Ellen!

Sorry to hear about all the things that've happened; please know how proud we are that you are here on this site, connecting.

Anytime you need to talk, feel free to drop me a PM. :)

Look forward to talking to you! <3
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