Looking through my eyes - Poem

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    Through my eyes I see what people may see,
    Though the words I speak do not come from me,
    I do so many things that I wish I did not do,
    I hurt so many people, people just like you,
    My mind is numb and cannot think, of words I should speak,
    When my mouth opens it is not me, for my will is now to weak,
    I wish I could, I wish I did, do the things I said I would,
    But its not me in here, Ive gone away, my mind did not withstood,

    I hate so much,
    The things they did,
    I wish they did not hide,

    Their badge of steel,
    The power it holds,
    The power to ruin lives,

    They do not look for what you did not do,
    Only for what you might have done,
    The system is wrong, its ruined it all,
    Now everything is all gone,


    This is about what i think is my split personality that i have created to cope with what is going on. and how i cant control myself.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.