Looking to chat (but i dont have suicidal thoughts)

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  1. I dont have suicidal thoughts, i entered to this forum cause is related with depression, sorry if I should dont be using this forum, but maybe there are others who use this forum who doesnt have suicide ideations but feel relate to a forum about it, any other who entered here more for depression but not for suicide thoguhts ? who entered here to chat and meet other people from different places ? If any entered for the same, message me. People who have been struggling with something, looking to chat with othes.
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    Hi there, no - not everyone here is suicidal. Some are here because they want to help, some are here because they are depressed, anxious or suffer from other disorders. You do not have to be suicidal to be here. You are very welcome here (hugs)
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    I joined for pretty much the same reason as you did. Felt quite overwhelmed and thought it may be a good idea to lurk around and talk, or maybe even try to help. There is a chat where you can have an instant conversation.
    Good luck with your depression mate.
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    Welcome. Everyone is welcome here. :) We're glad you made it. See you around.