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Loosing Hope

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by @ACrossRoad, Jan 1, 2016.

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  1. @ACrossRoad

    @ACrossRoad New Member

    I've lost everything I cared for, my wife , my kids and and my home due to my reckless behavior. I've suffered most of my life from anxiety and depression wich I learned to cope with aggression. I made a huge mistake and got into a huge fight with my wife while I was intoxicated this landed me in jail for the first time in my life. I dont know what to do to fix this, I haven't been able to see my kids since all of this happened it's just killing me inside. I've always been agreat dad to them and them not being with me during these times has me feeling hopeless and with no desire to continue living. I need help if anyone has ever found themselves in this situation I would love to hear you story
  2. Treek

    Treek Member

    Hey man, you sound like a great person. Unfortunately you look like you have something similar to my dad who I hate.
    I'd recommend going to a psychologist for this. My dad refused to do this and it led him to losing me. I'd appreciate if my dad went through a psychotherapy and was like who he could be. Don't give up, you still have kids who'll look up to you and love you if you can love them the right way too. A mother will put her children on top of anything, so prove that you're a good asset to kids and even she'll be okay with you too. Best of luck ^.^
  3. Striking

    Striking Well-Known Member

    Anger and aggression can be good tools if used properly. Use these to seek help, to take charge of your self care, to motivate you to finding other outlets. Your goal should be to make amends and you can start by getting the help you need.
  4. Cicada 3301

    Cicada 3301 Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    You crossed a line that can't be undone. You do have the opportunity to repair your relationships and build trust again so that you may again see your children. I would do the following if you havent already. Quit drinking, find a job, a place to stay that has enough room should your children come round. It's not going to happen immediately but if you keep at it and show that you can be responsible and able to look after your children you may be able to have supervised visits to begin with and eventually see them every week or so. Prove to everyone that you deserve a second chance.
  5. Lightwarrior

    Lightwarrior SF Social Media

    Hello, I am so sorry about your situation, I know that You asked for advice from people who have experienced similar reality that You´ve been experiencing, well I have not but as far as I believe, You made the wrong choice when You started dealing with your anxiety and depression with anger and this is something I have experienced before, I accepted and fed anger inside me so I wouldn´t expose my weaknesses, took me a long time to understand that I was getting weaker, was just denying it by using anger as a shield to keep me from seeing it .

    I believe that before You try to get closer to your wife and kids again, You should start working on yourself, I don´t know how long You´ve been suffering from depression but I know someone can´t heal from it overnight, it can take a long time but small steps are necessary, I think that You will only be able to be free from all the heavy weight that depression puts on You when You start getting rid of that anger within yourself and those attitudes filled with it that You´ve been having . There is no way to run away from depression my friend, You can deny it and keep your eyes from seeing it but it keeps growing inside, specially when You use something which adds up to it . Anger is only going to destroy You, your relationships and also your health, it might bring You the feeling of being strong but it only weakens You more till the point You no longer can control your actions and do things You regret, like the one You did, You were intoxicated and the anger You had within took advantange of that and made You do what You are regretting now, can You see how much anger is a destroyer ?

    I think You need to understand more about yourself, take a journey within, without being afraid of what You will find, due to the troubles we have in life, We all can end up with messed up feelings and just bad seeds that grow with time, when We choose not to understand them, We choose to let them loose within yourselves, they can be quiet for awhile but they never fade away, they can only be destroyed by the ones who have them but first need to understand more of what´s inside and why it´s inside so You will be able to see what You should do and the changes You need to do in your way of thinking and of acting. Depression is not a condition that is forever but it can be when the person just accepts living with it, You can make progress, one by one until You become a different person, a more calm person, more strong and more happy . I am sure your wife and your children will love to see this kinda You . Don´t let anger destroy the blessing You have, not only your relationship with children and wife but also Your heart, don´t let it consume You

    I hope You will understand, if not now maybe some day soon
    I wish You to get well there !!!!
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