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    I took 3 mg of Lorazepam today to help relax me (2 mg doesn't help). The dose did not work very good today (it dot calm me down much). I cannot take any other Benzodiazepines, since they either make me pass out completely (even on the lowest dose) or give me a really bad headache and feel really cold.

    The next time I plan to take 3 mg of Lorazepam is for an appointment I have on April 9, 2015. I don't take the pills very often; I usually only take them twice a month (usually two days in a row).

    Because I won' be taking the pills until April 9, 2015, will they work (help me feel calm) or will they not work at all?
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    Apparently only you know that answer from your past experience.

    That med has no effect on me whatsoever.
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    If I understand your posting right, you are wanting to ensure that whatever you take before your April 9 appointment really works and you are not sure the lorazepam will do the trick, based on your most recent experience. I don't think that it will be any less effective because you haven't taken it for awhile - usually it's the other way around with most meds. However if you are really worried, you might want to consider other classes of drugs.

    The beta blockers, like propranolol can be very effective. My daughter takes this before giving talks or flying and swears by it. I've taken it for high blood pressure and it does have a calming effect.

    Also, I really hesitate to recommend this one, but I had tremendous luck with risperdal for anxiety. Risperdal is usually prescribed as a daily dose for schizophrenia (higher doses); at lower daily doses it is often prescribed to potentiate antidepressants to treat depression. However, it can also be taken as needed for people who suffer with anxiety. There are a lot of terrible side effects associated with taking this med on a daily basis but for the occasional use you might find it useful. Anyway, it might be worth asking your doc about it.

    Good luck with this!