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Man today I told my friends that if they could help me with my problem about depression and they said yeah and then I told them why I am depressed and they said man be a man and they all left me laughing and since today is my birthday I feel like killing myself cause this is the day I was born into this miserable world
They're not good friends. I used to associate with people like that, I've been much better off without them though. Why are you depressed?
Because I used to get beat up every single day when I was young which developed shyness and I can't find the courage to start a conversation with people today I mostly get left out anyways,my life is boring I have nothing to do but do homework and jackoff,loneliness,and everyone hurting me emotionally by using verbally abusing words,my mom doesn't take me seriously she slaps my ass and tries to sexually harass me I hate it I never even been hug by a girl and shes doing this omg I say stop to her but she doesn't stop and she said no i dont have to and then i say i'll call the police and shes all like i don't care,my fucken parents don't care i think because they don't support me emotionally,and the friends i have right now always ditch me when going to an event makes me feel unwanted and unbelonging anywhere.


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Definetly not friends..sound like right nasty pieces of work to be brutally honest.

Don't beat yourself up because they are wankers !!!!


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lifes a bitch and most people are so focased on their own lives. anyone who dont want to support you is just not worth it. But today should be a celebration. God put you here for a reason, I dont know hey, iv come to realise that to kill your self is the easy way out and not only will it hurt the people who do care but tit also lets the losers win. Hang in there
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