losing a friend

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    My friend used to be in some bad stuff with her old boyfriend. She ended up ODing and getting sent to the hospital and her parents wouldnt let her see her boyfriend again. They went a year without seeing or talking to each other (i only met her about 5 months ago) then she gets drunk as hell and calls him and now she is gonna see him again cause she still loves him and she wants to leave everyone and go back to her old life style of constant drugs. She has become my best friend and i dont wanna lose her but there is nothing i can do and it makes me so sad and angry.
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    It's hard when you can clearly see what is best for someone, and they see a different idea of what is best for them.

    All you can do, as a friend is be there to support her, but you can't stop her.

    You could try giving her all her options and also maybe provide list of places that she could go for help.

    There are two things that that, firstly, if you research then you are providing her with comprehensive options and that might help, secondly, you will be doing something, and it might keep you busy so not worrying about her, and also you will know that you have done things to help.

    Hang in there and make sure you look after yourself